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DASH Payment system expansion to Global markets - UK


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In short:
Our proposal is about further expansion of Dash payments to global markets. This is a next step to our global campaign for making Dash the most usable cryptocurrency in the world.

We aresuccessfully achievingour ambitious goalsin local market. In fact, we are now getting multiple requests from merchants in different countries, who want to integrate our cryptocurrency processing system. That’s why we’ve decided to expand to Europe, starting from UK which was the biggest request we've had so far.

However, in order to make our system usable in that region, we have to extend our legislative and organizational structure. This includes company registration, bank accounting services and the technical integration itself. PLUS we need to build public awareness just as much as we did in the local market - that’s why we’ve included marketing expenses.

Key points:
• DASH payment system expansion to UK retail market
• Marketing and PR from top restaurant networksand mass-media
• Integration with NOBLY PoS - the largest UK PoS provider (https://www.noblypos.com)
50+ merchants by the end of Q2 2018

What it makes for Dash:
Our solution takes whole DASH network one step forward to wide usage before the Dash Evolution. We start with UK market, gain expertise and move DASH further to EUROPEAN markets.

For those of you, who are not familiar with our previous activity, here’s a brief list of what we’ve done in terms of our previous Proposal regarding DASH’s payment system:
• Started working on 1C integration with over 1,000,000 companies for 1C:Enterprise programs (an official info from https://1c.ru/eng/title.htm) - which comes by the end of following months!
• Finalizing of integration with leading food delivery network Eda.ua with up to 1,500 merchants and over 500 000 users
• Officially launched several restaurants that accept Dash: Pastateca, Givi Rubenshteyn, Pesto Cafe (chain of 9 restaurants), Mister Twister
• Integrated 2 Point of Sale providers: Profit Solutions and Poster (CIS, Europe coverage)
Presented our product in front of 100+ stakeholders on the top cryptocurrency conference in Ukraine
• Launched an iOS app for merchants to generate invoices and keep track of transactions.
• Presented Dash cafe on International Security Exhibition
• Presented our integration on International conferences – Coinference,Blockchain Conference, Bitcoin Talks Ukraine: Business Edition
• Appeared on several TV channels including 2+2, 112, Ukraine, 1+1
• Ongoing partnerships with several networks indifferent industries

Our integration in the news:
• Bitcoin, Dash Payments Could Soon Cover 80% OfUkraine Merchant Terminals - Cointelegraph
• Interview: Business Integration Into RetailSector of Ukraine DashforceNews
• In Kiev restaurants there will be cryptoterminals - Forklog
• Kiev started to accept cryptocurrency - Hashtelegraph
• Dash Accepted at Ukraine Restaurant, Begins WideRetail Integration - Dashforce
• Pay with cryptocurrency for food - Tarpan Digest
• Dash is accepted (from real users) - Dash Unofficial YoutubeChannel

About us:
Cryptogroup (https://crypto.group) is a team of experts inprogramming, cryptocurrency/ Blockchain technologies and fintech services.

My identity can be proved by @alex_ru, @dmitriybtc, @akhavr and all 350 000+ people,who have seen our videos and attended our conferences.

Every member of DASH community can check the work on our websites,social networks (events) or by contacting us directly through Skype or Facebook. We would be happy to answer all of your questions and suggestions.

All of the updates will be posted on this thread (Ukrainian DASH community).

Here's a brief list of things we've delivered so far:

1. Launched daily news source on cryptocurrencies “ http://fork.land/ (November 2016)

2. Launched a Ukrainian DASH community website “ http://dash.com.ua/ (January 2017)

3. Held multiple Dash/blockchain conferences(blockchaintalks.com.ua) in Kiev, Zhytomyr, Vinnitsa, Kherson, Ternopil,
organize regular meetups in Kiev regarding Dash's new payment system in retail sector.

4. Launched a dedicated video blog on DASH and cryptocurrency with over 300,000+ views so far.

5.Organized DASH sponsorship for International Security Expo 2017, arranged Dash Cafe out there and a dedicated stand (bunch of promotional materials designed and made; custom edited press- releases, extensive media coverage etc.)

6.Developed a solution for Dash and Bitcoin integration into retail business in Ukraine:
You can follow the updates on our project on our THREAD

• Legal registration – $1500
• Inc.certification
• Share documents
• Company house registration
• Trade mark registration
• Accountancy and banking – $1450
• Prolongation– $1350/year
• Administration (people in charge of thecompany) – 700$/ year
• Integration with UK Point of Sale systems + maintenance:
• $15,000 – Cost of integration with PoS network providerso that a “pay by crypto option” would be added to official software update.
• $5,000 – developer’s salary.
• Marketing – $15,000
• Reimbursement (5 Dash)
Total– $40,000 = 18,5 DASH/month
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