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DASH Key Proof Day January 19, 2024 (День доказательства ключей)


In the movie " Dumb Money " based on the true events of GameStop Corporation
8 million social media users bought and held GME shares.
This increased the price by 120 times!

11.57 million DASH mined so far A total of 4709 addresses contain 8876026 DASH, which is 76.67%

If 1 million people buy 10-100 DASH spot
and at the same time the coins will be withdrawn on January 19, 2024
from exchanges to your own wallet, then the price will fly into space! 🚀
No exchange has an abundance of real DASH coins.
There is no DASH in your exchange wallets,
these are just numbers and often on credit (greenyjoe example).

Offering for DASH's 10th Anniversary which will take place on January 19, 2024
Organize a "DASH Key Proof Day" withdraw your coins to your own wallet, the keys to which belong only to You!

PS. Since January 2018, Binance has been mercilessly shorting DASH...
DASH is the most undervalued and technologically advanced asset. Millions of social network users
You have a chance to make history!
P.P.S. "DASH Proof of Keys Day" like Bitcoin every year On
owners withdraw from exchanges to check the actual availability of coins and check the keys to their own non-exchange wallet.

Binance holds 270,000 DASH coins, but they are your coins and many people hold them there on staking.
On January 19, 2024, take your coins away from them and see the price go up!

The point is to withdraw DASH from all exchanges to your own wallet and only then it will be your personal and real DASH coins.
January 19, 2024


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I fully support this preproposal and believe it's time for us to get involved in the development and promotion of Dash ourselves. Let's together make Dash great again 💥

📌 One of the unique and very valuable features of any DAO, including the Dash DAO, is that management is decentralized and there is no need to delegate management to one person or a limited number of people.

A traditional organization requires a lot of trust in the people behind it, trust in their professionalism and dedication. But the flip side is that only the community is responsible for the fate of the DAO, and the DAO is highly dependent on the actions and participation of the community. After all, the DAO does not have a CEO to blame all the problems on, fire and just hire a new one.

The Dash DAO needs the support of the community. Dash DAO needs YOU. Therefore, it is very important that the Dash community is not only interested in the price of Dash and speculate, but also make at least minimal efforts to maintain and develop the ecosystem, and support other community members in their endeavors that can directly or indirectly benefit the ecosystem.
If you do not invest money in advertising and promotion, the value of the coin will be reduced to zero.
Investors are angry and furious and want dollar profits!

Withdraw all your coins from the exchange to your own DASH wallet, January 19, 2024.

How long will you allow the exchanges to rip you off and manipulate the DASH price?


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