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Hello Community, I am submiting my second consecutive monthly proposal for DASH Español with big increase of the format. We want to have a DASH World news site. Including teams on different languages. We are currently 5 teams, to do news from around the world related to DASH.

We are still forming the teams, but we already have some leads editor to carry the work and organization. We want to have great content produced on a multisite environment, where different themes and templates along wit languages let our writers have the best environment to produce high quality content.

We will have a 2-3 people team, where a team lead will be the editor in chief of the articles, and will held the team to a level of quality control, and also a designers to produce great art to go along with the articles.

We already hold a high quality media strategy for Spanish holding great production podcast along with helpful screencast-style podcasts and technical financial analysis of the DASH economic development. We want to add for the teams that are able to come with media on their own, support them to the best of our habilities but will focus primarily on the wirting and article production.

We are aiming for a 120 DASH proposal for the next 3 months totaling 360 DASH. To make it able to consolidate the teams, and grow the content to the level we want, as well as continue our production of our news strategy in Spanish.

About the Team
Currently we already have these highly motivated people ready to start from 4 different languages on top of the original spanish language from last month proposal.


On the Budget
We are considering a 120 DASH budget that will allow us to pay for the necesary salaries for this crypto journalist, including designers, SEO and SMM to make it able to grow to the desired quantity.

  • Podcast and video production: 12 DASH
  • SEO and Youtube Marketing optimization: 8 DASH
  • Designers: 15 DASH
  • Writer Team: 60 DASH
  • Development and support: 20 DASH
  • Proposal fee: 5 DASH
We consider this budget to be on point with delivering high quality product from people already involved in the DASH community and avid to contribute even more and have a platform to cover, and get paid to promote their favorite fastest crypto. We are increasing our contributions 4 times from the previous month as well as increasing our reach covering events such as the DASH Conference in London and other DASH related events around the world.
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me parece una muy buena propuesta porque necesitamos ese tipo de noticias y eventos en latinoamerica donde existe una gran comunidad adoptante de dash. Para nosotros los traders es de vital importancia las noticias de el mercado de dash a tiempo y los analisis de mercado todo mi apoyo con esta propuesta.
It´s important to informe people about DASH and criptocurrency and if we want DASH to be the number one DIGITAL CASH currency, we need to informe the people about DASH virutes. So this is a great propouse that gives value to DASH
So I think for the Dash community we want these instructive and informative website and podcast that is something important in marketing and getting people on news about something, and doing a Multilanguage website about dash that will be something so important for the community and I ask people to tell what they thing about this proposal, and masternode to vote this project.
Great proposal Jza. The more high quality information out there, the more the people will gather around to know about DASH and actually use it. Dash has to be a multicultural and multilanguage cryptocurrency for everyone to adopt on a global scale.
Is a great proposal, to reach a greater number of people, with a greater diversity of countries, very well to support this proposal.
Excelente propuesta que sin duda alguna es ambiciosa, la implantación de un noticiero en una de las plataformas más usadas por los internautas hoy en día, recordemos que integrar a más personas a la comunidad DASH es muy importante y con esta propuesta superamos barreras lingüísticas!

Excellente proposition sans hésiter ! Elle est ambitieuse, un site journalistique sur un des plateformes plus utilisés aujourd’hui par les internautes, rappelons-nous que l’integration de plus de gens dans la communauté DASH est la priorité et avec ce proposition on dépasse les barrières linguistiques!!
Hola, muy buenas.

Es excelente esta propuesta y opino que en verdad cumplira con su propósito. Sinceramente de ocupa un sitio donde el que es nuevo en esta comunidad, pueda tener información en su lenguaje y asimilable, espero de corazon que mas se sumen a este proyecto que ahora esta por un camino excelente y que muy seguramente llegara aun mas lejos.
I think we should give this proposal a go and see how it works out - we need all the exposure we can get and I would hate to see part of the treasury get lost when we can push more content to new markets.
Wow, this is beautiful. Jza has always done great stuff for Dash and though I am writing from Ghana and have not met jza persnally but I have seen his works from afar, his contributions to Dash development and I encourage all masternodes holders to vote for this proposal.
Hola JZA que interesante leer tu nueva propuesta, me parece excelente y con 4 nuevos idiomas aparte del nativo español, sin duda esto ayudara a que la comunidad siga creciendo mucho mas. sabes que en mi tiene un colaborador mas para DASH en Español. bendiciones
We are still working on making www.dashespanol.com a site full of news and info related to Dash, easy and helpfull for everyone... There's a lot of work to get done. This propposal will help our team to grow and continue working to the end of the year.

As a member of the International Outreach Team I believe we need to support this kind of iniciatives to take Dash information in all languages to all people. Hope Bitcuners, Jza and all the team can get enought votes from our masternode network and get this propposal aproved and build this excelent proyect and take us all forward.

Vote yes! Vota Sí!
This is a great proposal and will educate people all over the world about Dash. i support this and i encourage masternodes to consider a vote for this proposal
First week of DASH Global has concluded we have generated an stunning amount of articles in different languages. Will generate a more in-depth report soon. But want to thank publicly the team that has been hard at work and making inroads in our goal. Make sure to check out the new videos from DASH Español and please be patient for the new International Sites for DASH, coming soon.
We added a new host but have include more segments like interviews and also have added a new writer to the spanish site.
Hey guy second week and we still about to launch the first international sites however I'll share some of the documents with the articles that have been written. We have these on Google Drive. We have finalized the payout last night.
Screenshot_20170917_232312.png Screenshot_20170917_232242.png
Also for the videos we have also plenty but is best to checkout our Youtube Channel.

You will see that the financial videos have also improved on quality of video and overal better audio. Hope to keep improving as we move along.
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