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DASH FOR NEWBIES is Now a Medium Publication, Looking For Contributors

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Today I realized one thing: groups outperform individuals every time. I went ahead and created a new Medium Publication titled, Dash For Newbies which you can see here: https://medium.com/dash-for-newbies
This is one component of my Dash proposal that is currently sitting at 399 votes. I decided to just start it today.

Instead of following the normal centralized advertising model, I thought it would be interesting to build a Medium publication from Dash users themselves. I will be writing at least 3 articles per week for this publication, but I'm also opening it up to other writers. So, yes, I'm now looking for your articles, posts and how-to tutorials. The simpler it is, the better it will be for beginners. You might be wondering why this is a good thing?

A lot of people won't bother going into a forum to get their information. A lot of the most tech-savvy people rely on Medium to deliver them information and cutting edge tech news. It's better to go where the people already are.

Even if you have written a short tutorial that is geared for beginners, that would be good. Think of it as an outward-facing "How To Dash" library, that mainstream people can use to navigate the world of Dash. Keep in mind, however, I'm the editor and I will decide if your article fits the blog series. If you write really arcane stuff for people already in the crypto world, I doubt that it will fit into the tone of my series. I will also edit any errors or grammar that needs work. I may also change the artwork to reflect the tone of the series. The target audience is very different from the usual crypto, anarchy people.

After getting a lot of feedback, I did decide to cater it to women. The main goal of the blog series is to dispel fear of digital currencies and give people confidence to try it out. There will be a mix of levels contained within the series, but it's generally geared towards those who don't know much about Bitcoin.

So, if you have an article that you think would be a good fit for this blog series, let me know. I'm looking for writers who have a passion for Dash and who can write in an easy to understand manner.

I can be reached on Dash Slack or on Twitter: @stellabelle.
If you haven't yet voted for me, you still have time: https://www.dashcentral.org/p/DASH_For_Newbies_Blog_and_Video_Series
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