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Dash for Africa


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Hi All,

I see potential in Africa.

I'm South-African and my mother is Zimbabwean. Zimbabweans have abandoned their national currency (after hyper-inflation and collapse of banks) and the US dollar is now the prevalent currency. As there are a limited supply of US dollars in the Zimbabwe economy, they are traded at a premium price. I was amused to find that a box of cigarettes cost $1US and a box of matches cost the same. They don't use cents. So nothing costs less than $1US.

Is Zimbabwe (Zim) not a place to promote Dash? Especially because so many people have been forced to relocate to places like RSA, and regularly send money back home to Zim with expensive fees (around 10%)?

Here in South Africa, those same migrant workers are not allowed to open bank accounts, which presents other opportunities to us. Other people have accounts, but have great difficulty accessing their services. For example, I have spent the last 10 years involved in a project in the Dwesa region of the rural Transkei. We provided telecoms infrastructure and computer labs at 17 regional schools. These people, with no cars, have to travel 100km over dirt roads to the nearest banks.

I'm having so many ideas! I know that these communities would adopt dash... if only it were seeded sufficiently, so that it became a legitimate means of exchange.

One of my ideas is that the Dash Treasury could fund a campaign to seed Dash in such communities. But I think that we'd need an Actuary to calculate the profit from adoption vs the cost to the network, perhaps, to see whether it makes sense. I'm thinking along the lines of giving $1US to key people in small communities. They'd need a wallet to receive the dash. Prep a small community of merchants to receive the dash. Suddenly Dash would be circulating in the community as a means-of-exchange.

I see two markets for Dash: The big investors and the "small" people who can't get bank-accounts.

Does anybody else agree on how the chaos in Africa could make sense for Dash?

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I agree with you, I I would live anywhere in Africa I would have proposed something but it must coming from something knowing the place.

Here's somebody that agrees with you too : https://www.dashforcenews.com/cryptocurrency-left-third-world-behind/

When Evolution comes around it will be the time to actually try to take Dash to Africa, not before.

Having that said, I don't think there is any plan that has been developed to do so when the times come. So, if you have some more concrete ideas so plan can be laid out, shoot !
Hi Dashing,
Great to see another SA here!
Like your ideas - high time and sorely needed.
I would suggest posting it on the General forum. Not many people pop in here. Just copy/paste it over.
Would like to see the feedback and I hope you develop this further.
I've got some ideas myself - maybe we can mix-and-match LOL
Maybe we should meetup for a braai? ;)
Hi Leonidas

I've just a noob. I've been advised to move this conversation to a different channel, but I'd like to quickly reply.

I have no concrete plans, but I have some ideas. I'm thinking within the African context.

- Lingual Localisation: South Africa has 13 official languages. We need to be able to support at least the main ones! In every African country.
- Currency Localisation: To buy a bunch of carrots for 0.0000134 dash just doesn't make sense to anybody. For now, we need to be able to represent dash in terms of the local currency, in terms that the local people can understand.
- Seeding: Dash will not be valued as a means-of-exchange until many people use it. The challenge is to get people to start using it.
- Convenience: The whole process of buying crypto, and esp Dash, is beyond the majority of Africa's ability. We need to simplify it all.

After ten years of working with rural communities (I'm a Computer Scientist, btw), I see how they'd quickly adopt this... if... well, see above.

Thanks for the response!

...but I have some ideas. I'm thinking within the African context.
Africa is ripe and ready.. Currencies value declining at a rapid rate all the time. The way in might be to let them put their savings in Dash rather than cash.
Hey Biltong and Dashing.
I'm in cape town, a meetup would be great...
Huge expat population here from Zim, Angola, DRC etc...
Hi Bielie
Go for it - see on Dash Force how they arrange it.
As long as it involves a beer and a braai, I'll be there :p
Yo Ddude
Additional stream of income. I just ordered some mining gear. We just started an adverising bussiness targeting dash.
Investment: Most of my capital is in property which is safe but boring. Should diversify some into high risk high reward stuff.
Political: Everytime Zuma sneezes the ZAR takes a knock. I feel exposed to the whims of an idiot.
Political: The ultimate aim of the ANC is to keep the poor poor and dependent on the government so they will always vote for the government. They are slaves of government induced poverty and therefore government handouts. Crypto cannot be regulated by the government. Unregulated money means freedom.

This last one is a big deal. Communism is the ultimate dehumanusing evil.
Nice @bielie, we're on the same wavelength!

I'd be intrigued to know how your ad business will target dash? There's no market for it, yet, in ZA.

To counter your comment: Capitalism (as practiced today) is the ultimate dehumanising evil. ;)
Hi guys I am in Durban.

I think Dash Evolution will be great for our market.

I have been using bitcoin and with the high transaction fees
I think there are a few who like us would be interested in dash
even before evolution comes.

I am thinking of doing a meet up/ Crypto currency workshop to promote
Dash as a better alternative to bitcoin.

still just an idea.
Dash Africa Dude, I'm Abdullah known as ultimatecrypto on the dash wall forum. A Nigerian but a resident in Ghana. I own an electronic business and I intend incorporating Dash to customers and youth in the Universitas.

Feel free to Donate anything as we set the foundation of Dash Digital marketing in Ghana, West Africa and Africa at large.

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