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Dash Embassy D-A-CH Q2/2018 - Update May


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Welcome fellow Dash Community!

We will provide you our latest updates here for the month of May for our currently running Q2 proposal:

You can also just look into our detailed Presentation as PDF file to get all the important infos:


Our Proposal Link:


Our Website:


Please fell also free to look into all our public available corporate data:

Dash Embassy D-A-CH UG (haftungsbeschränkt) Corporate Structure: https://www.mindmeister.com/1023125548

Public Budget Accounting 2018: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet...ZF5jbnPsxf2-IlkdT2a1uz09Y/edit#gid=1772385164

Public Budget Planning 2018:

Please add your feedback and wishes ^^ ty

The Dash Embassy D-A-CH UG
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I have attended a 5 hour crypto-talk by our tax accountant and lawyer Mr. Schmidt from Wolf Theiss, our law firm from Austria. Almost 100 clients from them got a lot of infos about the blockchain-technology and Dash was there to answer questions. Lots of people where interested and asked questions from mining, how our smartphone wallet works to questions of about crypto debit cards and the overall dash network. :)


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I also met an potential future Integration Costumer, Techbold, a big Austrian Hardware Supplier. They presented their new mining rigs for Wolf Theiss clients. Follow up Meeting will come soon to speak about a Dash Integration in their systems.


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The press releases for our first big Dash Integration in the D-A-CH region are going out NOW \o/ :)


Dash will be available for Conda´s ICO Launch in early June and with the overall Conda-ICO platform launch in september. Everybody will be able to do crowdfunding, crowdinvesting and buy into ICO launches for small and mid-size regional companies in Europe with Dash.

Conda is a leading european crowdfunding and crowdinvesting company. This shows, that Dash is used in a lot different fields and now even to help the unbanked startup companies in europe.

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We are on our last moves to become absolutely GDPR compliant till the 25th of may. The major changes to some tools are done and some small moves are still to do. Unfortunately we had to decide to remove the public status of our google calendar. The GDPR does not allow names of european citizens in a global and public calendar. So we decided first to use acronyms, but in the last days it came up that we become inefficient in using it because of not exactly knowing with whom we meet in the next meeting. Sorry for that, but we need to work fully compliant with European Laws and stay max efficient.
A brief report to yesterdays ICO Pitch Night hosted by our Partner Conda and supported by the Dash Embassy D-A-CH:

Conda decided to make its own crypto-event besides the big Pioneer festival in Vienna, Austria, because its "just" about digitalisation and not really about crypto or the blockchain-technology. So all cryptonites came from the pioneers festival to this event to talk in-depth about crypto and coming together.
The very interesting thing was that people were very critical about the ICO space, but not about the cryptospace in general because they all seek value and are not sure if ICOs are the place to be. Dash had an excellent popularity and people told me that they like Dash a lot, because its a stable, developing and real-world-use cryptocoin. The most people very absolutely stunned as i explained how Dash and its governance system works in detail and that decentralisation is the core of crypto freedom. Even the ICO pitches themself are interested in implementing Dash as payment system when their projects are up and running. Furthermore a lot of people asked me if we have a HQ here in Austria too, so it was great to tell them, yes we will soon have one. Lots of people want to come to us frequently and talk about crypto and the ongoing development of Dash. So our idea of the Dash Embassy to be a cryptobase for all people seems to become reality here very fast. People also loved how fast a Dash transaction is done to their smartphone Dash wallets. Most people also said they would love to pay the drinks here with Dash if they go out with friends in the evening. I may not spoiler here, but we are already working on that :) stay tuned there will be an official press release very soon!!!!

For me it showed that everybody may have his own crypto company or is doing an ICO for his project, but at the end we are all one and working together to make the world a better and more decentralized one. :) Dash got so much love there, that i really have to tell you it´s just awesome to work for Dash and this great network and community <3, thank you fellow MNOs and Dash community

Finally some photos from the event:


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and more to come...


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Factory Berlin - 1st Dash presentation for german start ups. Factory is the biggest innovation start up hub in crypto town Berlin. We are happy to share our solution to the entrepeneurs of tomorrow. @blockchainpunk


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