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dash did not reach the wallet


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yesterday, 04/03/19 at 18:40, I made a withdrawal of funds 0.19717839 DASH from BitBay to the Dash Core portfolio to the address XsKtayxBAKuEPAnB4QPhMtDAaRqVxpm4W4 and I still do not have funds on it. The payment confirmation shows that there should be 351 confirmations on it
Please figure out what to do about it.
Hi @Pablogda can you please confirm you are running the latest version of Dash Core (0.13.1) and that it is fully synchronised up to (or above) block 1031542? You can check your current sync status by going to Tools -> Debug Console and typing "getblockcount"
@Pablogda When you update the software, the wallet file(s) is/are not overwritten. You can safely install the latest version on top of the previous version without losing the old wallet(s). HOWEVER, it never hurts to first launch the old version of the wallet, and take an extra backup of the wallet file before you upgrade. You can do this from the menu of the program: FILE, BACKUP WALLET.

On windows, Dash Core wallet software is stored in: "C:\Program Files\DashCore\" and wallet files are stored in: "%APPDATA%\DashCore"
%APPDATA% is a variable and will be different on every computer. From the command line try echo %APPDATA% to see what it is on your computer.