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Dash cryptogame updates & news


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Hey all. I wanted to post some links to updates on our successfully funded dash game proposal.

We've set up a launch page to collect emails from people interested in following along and to be first in line to beta test the game when we reach that stage in development. Please feel free to sign up if that's you, we want the Dash community to have the first chance to play the game and provide feedback which will be invaluable for us. It can be found here: https://dash-game.launchaco.com.

We also have a blog which for now is the best way to follow our progress, as we're publishing a new article roughly once a week documenting the design and development process. You can find it here: https://medium.com/dash-game. Here, for example, is our latest article from one of our designers on what we've learnt so far trying to build a game that works within the constraints of the blockchain: https://medium.com/dash-game/highli...-designing-a-dash-blockchain-game-7428f034897.

The game system is taking shape and we already have useable prototypes that we're utilising to further the design process. We have another article in the works that will detail some of that, which should be published within the next few days. I'll make sure to post all updates here as well.

That's all for now!