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Dash core wallet GUI - no incoming connections


New member
Hello Dash-community,

i have been testing Dash core wallet GUI on Linux Mint 18.3 Cinnamon.

The wallet connects to the P2P-network and the blockchain sync works without problems.
I am using a VPN to access the network.

The only problem is, that my wallet does not get any incoming connections.
The number of outgoing connection rises quickly to 17-20 and then all connections seem to be closed and the process starts again and again. I suppose that there is a configuration problem with the network settings.

I have already tried the following things:

- VPN disabled
- Creation of firewall rule for application dash-qt (TCPv4 and TCPv6 IN and OUT on port 9999)
- Firewall disabled completely
- Activated port forwarding on my router (TCPv4 and TCPv6 IN and OUT on port 9999)
- Activated UPnP on wallet and router

None of these things helped.
Can you give me an advice what is going wrong?
If you need further information or logs please ask.

Thank you.

Cheers, Michael
Why do you worry about incoming connections, info window newer show incomings, but it still works ok.


Hey AjM,

thanks for the reply.
I just worry about it, because i would like to support the network.
Is it intended that the info windows nevers shows incoming connections or is it a software bug?
Make sure "Options -> Network -> Allow incoming connections" checkbox is on.

Number of outgoing connections going above 8 and down again is ok - it's your wallet asking some masternodes to confirm the state of some another masternode, nothing to worry about.