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Dash Core Group September 1st budget proposals to be posted by EOD August 10th


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Dash Core Group September 1st budget proposals to be posted by EOD August 10th.

We anticipate requesting 60% of the overall proposal budget spread among 2 likely proposals:

1) Core Team Compensation
2) Core Team Legal
Hi Glenn,

please doublecheck the accounting -> https://app.dashnexus.org/proposals/dash-core-group-compensation-sept-nov/overview

You've calculated [(2866 + 5 prop fee) * 3 months] since it's a multi-month proposal when it should've been [(2866 * 3 months) + 5 prop fee]

The proposal fee is being reimbursed thrice in the former and once in the latter calculation, meaning you're receiving 10 Dash unaccounted for.

This happened in an earlier multi-month proposal, too: https://www.dashcentral.org/p/dash-core-group-compensation-june---augu

We know DCG is maxing out the 60% Treasury limit during the bear market so all I ask for is accounting for the 10 Dash that were and the 10 Dash that are being falsely attributed to proposal cost reimbursement.

Thank you!

And thank you to @Antti-Kaikkonen for pointing this out on DashTalk Discord.
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Hi Macrochip,

Thank you for your comment. I completely agree with your math. It should have been x,xxx Dash * 3 months + 5 prop fee.

In the future, to accurately reflect the actual accounting I will request 2,869.3 * 3 months + 5 prop fee.
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