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It is a nice video!
I think that it is better to change the title to “Dashとは何ですか?”.
Tungfa san ,DASH core team !!
I'm one of DASH FANS and trust the DASH' s marketing & developments!!
I would like you to ask DASH'S attitudes for Money laundering .
Sometime ,Japanese become nervous about the regulatationo of  national & world wide money laundering. Especially,about the virtual currency.
I know anonymous technology is the important technology for privacy protection,however,some people used that technology for money laundering.
Many japanese worry that it will be regulated about anonymous coins.
So,could you let us know the idea & attitudes for Money laundering?

Japanese Dash fan♡


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hey @Pla
i belöge u got the “good links” already posted above (tx @Samurai33 )
bottom line is :
dash is running a public blockchain and so we are as transparent as needed and possible
if we would be running a hidden blockchain than there should be obvious concerns reg illegal activities and money laundering and such
so data mining and all that is still possible - we have our mixing option and that works well for user privacy as it should .
please tell the concerned japanese that the US$ is until today vehicle #1 of money laundering and any illegal activity + the biggest banks are knee deep in that swamp (and are using it)

Tungfa san
Thank you for the prompt reply & information !:)

About the hidden blockchain
I did n't know you have it .Is it officiall (information?) ?
I think many japanease don't know it ,too.
When are hidden broke chains used? For example,when the police or the government request for investigating crime?

Many japanease think
'Since the send / receive history is open, anyone can follow the information. As the country and government agencies can also keep track of information, there is transparency like Japanese banks.
However, the anonymous currency has no transparency.
Is there a possibility that the country can not keep track of send / receive history information, allow anonymous currency trading?
It may be used for payment of the dark market.'

Is this a misunderstanding?

And 1 more question
Hidden blockchain does not leak out our privacy?

Sometime we disscuss about the abouve,but no Japanease can reply.
Cause ,we don't know DASH much more!!
So ,please give us the information reply !

Best Regards
Japanese Dash fan♡pla
Plasan ;)
dash has an open / transparent blockchain
you have the option to mix your coins (privatesend) and do anonymous transaction (or not - as private send is optional)
obviously these anonymous transactions are not traceable
anonymous transactions are always though of as darkmarket purchases , money laundering ,...
i personal see it different and more basic
if u run a company and pay your employees in (example) bitcoin, in no time your employees will know how much coins you hold in your wallet
and what employee get what salary ! obviously that will not work (as employees will get disgruntled as of “he earns more than me” problems,...)
privacy is needed and nessacery !

other projects run a hidden blockchain (not dash), there u will have 150% privacy (not optional) but at the same time no transpartency of the blockchain (coins could possible created without anybody knowing - as blockchain is hidden + many other problems )

Data Mining (collecting information of the blockchain) is done by many companies, and most do this as a business and sell that data / information into others (propably governments )
so mixing and using Dash privatesend helps , as it “cuts the tail” to your coin history !
after mixing u start “fresh” with the coins mixed
(u know what i mean)
for better info u should look at our youtube channel and wiki , there are better , professional explanations with many technical details (sorry am on phone and do not have the info / links on me now )
Tungfa san
Thank you reply!!:)

I check your youtube channel and wiki and would like to make efforts to deepen the understanding about DASH!
Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to ask what we are wondering!!!

Best Regards



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