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Darkcoin video

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Here's a great little video discussing the Bitcoin payment system

Does anyone out there have the skills to create one for Darkcoin? I think there is a bounty for a video...
Not personally, but I liaison with such individuals daily. I'm an audio engineer, so I'm used to overdubbing and foley/sound design.

I will gladly contribute to the community, but to recruit these guys, I would need to compensate them, they wouldn't do it for love, they dont even know BTC. Everything starts with a script/storyboard. And this is usually where the creative minds crash. So an effort like this, through such a young forum, devs so busy and without a voting DRK Foundation, it will go down the drain. Heck, LTC is trying for months and no-show.

Its one of those things... pay peanuts only monkeys show up. These are more flash animators out there that forum trolls.
Quality stuff is needed for DRK. Make a video amateurish and it spreads like wildfire because of DRK's value, and wham, instant discredit from the majority.

Everything has to be meticulously thought out, the text, tone of Voice Over (make female accent & cadence) gfx, colours scheme, length.
Anyway, sure is a splendid and urgent idea. But don't think this will be achievable through forum

So if I'm wrong, please do count on me. Have great audio skills.
If we pool our human resources we could!
We are looking for an animator, reply if you can help out.
Ok lets do this.
What we need to start is a rough idea of what will be included in the storyboard, Fernando did a post on the Webpage structure page that I think is a good starting point.
  • Learning (Introduction?)
    • What is Darkcoin
      • How to buy Darkcoin
      • How to use Darkcoin/install wallet
      • How to mine Darkcoin
    • What is Darksend
    • What are masternodes
Im thinking the video would be a short one, something like the one on the frontpage of bitcoin https://bitcoin.org/
the Darkcoin video would not need the basic explanations that bitcoin has but rather only the features that set us apart from bitcoin.
Im assuming that most people that check out darkcoin would know how digital currencies work.

Im going to check out how much a animator would charge for something like the video on the bitcoin site. But if we work on the storyboard on this forum it will be much cheaper.

I have personally never done a storyboard but we have google and can figure it out.. Im shure.
Love it - I think now is the right time to get started on something like this.

if you need donations to get this going let me know!
Ok I did some google-ing and found out that 1:30 min video is comprised out of roughly 180 words.
So if we are going to fit say
  • What is Darkcoin ?
  • What is Darksend+ ?
  • What are Masternodes ?
That would be around 60 Words for each one.
Maybe the route would be to make this like a overview video with only the absolute basics, explained so mom can understand.

Source for wordcount:
(also some other useful info to be found there)
great promotion tool !
that is exactly what we need to get the community numbers to the next level !!
i am all game even though i am not a video guy (am photographer)
will happily help out where i can (offline for 2 weeks though)
Man, eltito has has one heck of a voice and I myself dont mean to brag but I can rock some movie narrative. If you need a voice please do let me know. At least let me try out if you get some dialog or want me to work on some.
Man, eltito has has one heck of a voice and I myself dont mean to brag but I can rock some movie narrative. If you need a voice please do let me know. At least let me try out if you get some dialog or want me to work on some.
Thats fantastic. So really the only thing we would need to pay for would be the Animation. No need to hire a voice tallent. This will enable us to hire some top tier animator. Thanks for stepping up :smile:

First we need to figure out what this explanation video should include. And then we can put together some text for you (or eltito, if he wants) to go to town on. :grin:

Brainstorming session is required at this point in the project. I would encourage and appreciate every input, as to what this explainer should be explaining.
What angle to take,
Just the basic explanation on what Darkcoin is and how it works. (something I listed above earlier)
Or maybe a comparison between Bitcoin and Darkcoin ?
is there some other angle ?
Wow. I'm game but I don't have the required skills. I can add to the bounty?
I think there is still a open bounty on a Video, but im not shure what address it is or even if the bounty is still available. It might be that a special video bounty address is in order, maybe eltito can shed some light on that ?
If you would like me to read I will. I can send in what I am given (as far as script given) and everyone can be the judge. I am a male, and I am not sure if that is what is wanted. I have a decent range and am a multi-masternode operator and do want this to succeed.
Wow Elance is great, I posted the job yesterday and already there are 16 bids for the project, ranging from 250$ to 3000$
The majority of the bids are around 500-700$ and that includes storyboard, animation and voice.
Good idea. I would keep it simple though. Don't get into too much confusing info about master nodes and how the technical stuff works. Videos like this are aimed at the lay-person and they don't need the technical info to confuse them.
i do not agree with keeping it simple
this is a great opportunity to really explain how it works, masternodes, darksend +,... and all
i am not talking about making a 2 hour documentary, but with a video and some animation you can really explain to the public what is going on, what made it possible and what it brings to you as a consumer.
try that in writing and yes way to complicate, on a video no problem at all !
I think the primary focus should be on an introductory video for now. We could always do more in-depth videos later.

Three questions it should focus on:
  • What is Darkcoin?
  • Why do I need it?
  • Why should I use it over Bitcoin?
By the way, I have a background in 3D animation (no Flash/2D motion graphics experience), although I don't know if that would be useful for something like this.
Wow Elance is great, I posted the job yesterday and already there are 16 bids for the project, ranging from 250$ to 3000$
The majority of the bids are around 500-700$ and that includes storyboard, animation and voice.
The bounties were put on hold for a while and I'm not exactly sure what is going on with those funds. Evan was going to turn the wallet over to me at some point but it's not an issue that has come up recently (he's very focused on getting RC4 out right now).

In regards to the video content - IMHO this should be a product designed for mass consumption. It needs to be concise and approachable. Too much techno-babble and people will tune out after the first 30 seconds. I think we should keep it at roughly at the technical level of Evan's development updates. We take a lot of care on those to strike a balance between "too vague" and "information overload". They are simplified versions of what is really happening, but they explain the general idea in a fair amount of detail. That's where I think we should be looking with a video.

Having said all of this, at this time we are not quite in a position to be funding a professional job. We are close to finalizing the details on the Darkcoin Foundation, and at some point in the relatively near future we should be able to start looking at budgeting for professional advertising (among many other things). As I said, I'll look into the status of the old bounty funds and see what we can do with those for this project, but for now this would probably have to be a community-driven effort.

I have audio equipment and software at my house which should suffice for voice-work and I can work with Carrot to get some samples put together (he does have a good voice for VO work - if we need any songs done that's more my thing :wink:), we've gotten some glimpses of the graphics skills of raze and I'm sure others will be willing to pitch in.
Thanks for your reply eltito. I agree completely that a simplified explanation is the way to go. Something that I could show my grandmother and she would get it. More in depth techno-babble is already available for people seeking to wrap their head around Darkcoin.

But I do think that people looking at Darkcoin will already know the basics of Bitcoin so we could build on that knowledge.

So lets start by explaining what Darkcoin is. And when we can all agree on a perfect explanation, we can decide later on what follows, I like what raze suggested as a follow up.

I did put together some text on What Darkcoin is, It is 94words, I think that keeping each section under or around 100 words would be good.
Most of this text is taken directly out of the whitepaper.

What is Darkcoin

Darkcoin is the first privacy centric cryptographic currency based on Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin.

Bitcoin was a remarkable invention. However, due to the very nature of its design, the blockchain is inherently not private. This has obvious implications for users' personal privacy, as all transactions are traceable in the block chain. Meaning that anyone with a internet connection can look up your wallet see how many coins are in your wallet and ultimately find out what you used your bitcoins to buy.

To solve this inherent problem of privacy, Darkcoin was created.

This is a starting point. I would like all of you to comment, rewrite and debate what we should have in this intro. This is only a suggestion.
So put on your creative hat and lets make something beautiful together. :smile:
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