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Darkcoin Resources: Payment Processors, Exchanges, Merchants, etc...


Three of Nine
We need all this in one Place. Please help contributing links.

Payment Processors
Fiat Exchanges
Crypto Exchanges
Block explorers
Other cool stuff
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What pairs do they have?
you can trade any of the coins they have for any other. So drk/bc drk/doge doge/ppc ppc/drk

*edit seems you can't exchange at the moment so maybe hold fire on this one*
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Again, can you add shout4coin.com as " social marketing platforms" or "advertising platforms"?
The list in the first post needs updating. I was just looking through the DRK/USD exchanges, and at least three no longer operate.
I am the owner of Eyeboot, an online e-commerce platform. Really want to start accepting dark/dash on our site now. Was wondering which payment processor is the best and most trusted of the list? Right now we are considering coinpayments