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Crypto lending platforms that accept DASH as a collateral

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I'm looking to get a cash loan for my DASH holdings. I found several crypto lending platforms, but it seems that only Bankera Loans are offering DASH as collateral. Could anybody share their experience with them?
@AgnewPickens I think Nexo is more transparent than SALT, most of the people complaining about SALT, what do you think??

I don't trust any of these lending platforms to do the right thing in a bear market, E. Duffield, Sr., father of Dash founder, had 96 masternodes wiped out in mid December by SALT. If the alt sector has taken a turn toward the bull, which it is looking like right now, either should be useful, I just advise against borrowing against your Dash to try to buy more crypto, but use it for real life use.
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