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CPU Mining

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From what I have read DASH can be mined with CPUs. I realize that other devices may be more efficient.

For the sake of discussion assume that I have access to a ton of cheap CPUs.

What CPUs are more efficient to DASH mining?
Is there a calculator available to help specifically target profitability for CPU mining?
Anybody have any information on how to increase efficiency, etc?
Hi there,

efficiency for any type of mining depends on optimisations to increase the number of hashes per watt hour of energy used. Even with the most ideal CPU for the task, with all possible code and instructions set optimisations (SSE3, SSE4, AES, AVX, etc.) you simply cannot compete with an ASIC that was built to execute one type of hash algorithm only. Your main cost will be electricity, not the CPUs themselves.

By all means though, give it a try. Further reading that should be more than enough to get you started is available here: https://dashpay.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/DOC/pages/17760261/CPU+Mining
A CPU is a general purpose processor, flexible enough to theoretically do any calculation, but not necessarily with optimal efficiency. They also tend to be limited to 2-8 cores on normal computers. A GPU is a special purpose processor, designed to carry out one type of calculation in parallel over several hundred cores, but unable to do many general purpose calculations efficiently or at all. An ASIC is a single purpose processor, design to carry out one single calculation only and physically incapable of doing anything else. You need to use the right processor for the job - for mining, CPU < GPU < ASIC in terms of speed and power efficiency. You will not be able to profitably mine Dash using anything but an ASIC today.
Yes you are right, it certainly harms your computer because it is not good enough now to mine with simple equipment now that asics are out
Antminers if you can get one.

Even then, if you pay retail costs for electricity, you are unlikely to be profitable. Mining Dash has become a mature industrial pursuit. It has to be very very efficient and it has to have very cheap wholesale (or better) electricty to be profitable.
I think the amd processors better.
because I did tests on the coinpot mining site with intel processors of line i3, i5 and i7. and i7 and has not managed utrapass my fx8 of the amd that give 60H / s in this site.
YoungComb to have an i9 is very expensive here in Brazil

Intel Core i9-7980XE Processor Skylake Cache 24.75MB, 2.6GHz (4.2GHz Max Turbo), LGA 2066 - BX80673I97980X costs R$ 11,764.59 and regarding the AMD FX 8300 Octa Core Processor, Black Edition, Cache 16MB, 3.3GHz (4.2 GHz Max Turbo) AM3 + FD8300WMHKBOX costs R$ 388.78. This in the store www.kabum.com.br
the question of the GPU that the spending on them are very large and have to have in large quantities. but I want to mine for gpu. more each day that goes by costs more expensive and the return is less and less ..
I totally remember those times when I was mining Electroneum on my AMD FX-8320E. While the majority of miners used to buy intel motherboards year ago, I had another with AMD 970 chipset so was able to overclock this stone. Should say it was quite nice numbers for those times but, meanwhile, tough times for the entire system at all considering that I was doing mining on GPU's at the same time.
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