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Contacted by FBI

The only fight you have to put up is to HODL. You're still way up in monetary terms.

Don't bow down in fear or submit to those who seek to control you. You're not a slave. (Are you?)

Take some profits. (Not thru coinbase, I'm sure you're creative and savvy enough to know what to do.)

But don't throw in the towel completely.

I'm sure the market will snap up any and all coins you have in any event. (Although in your case it could be a massive dump I guess.)
Why not use coinbase? They put up a fight, and got the overreaching subpoena massively reduced.

I'm not hiding anything. My stacks are too big to hide anyway.

The problem is the willingness of corrupt government to lie and invent false charges. If you've ever posted on a crypto forum, no matter what you said, then you're a target for their "make shit up" punishment by process games.

Coinbase has nothing to do with it. If anything, I like that they put up a fight and at least tried to deal with the traitors... Has anyone else?
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The government attack cryptocurrencies even further. They are not coins, they are commodities!
Just because some scam artist happened to con some ppl out of some crypto doesn't undermine the use case for this technology unless you allow your slave masters to brainwash you.

Yes, perhaps some regulation regarding investment schemes needs to be implemented. But this was hardly a Bernie Madoff type of operation was it?

Don't conflate investment scams with regulation to attempt to intimidate you and undermine the use of the actual technology itself.

The toothpaste is out of the tube. It can't be regulated back in.

I'm sure there are plenty of countries around the world who will welcome crypto businesses and economic activity. And not just under-developed ones.

For example recent announcement from Germany regarding crypto spending not being taxed.

Dunno why u guys are so negative. (Tip: Try not to focus on the price for a while.)
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Hello, excellent information that you have given us, in my personal opinion I think that many times public organizations or governments fear new technologies that can not be controlled by these entities, I think you have taken the best decision.

Best regards!
A few weeks ago we have been contacted by the Virtual Currency Team at the NCIJTF, a task force of federal agencies led by the FBI. They said they routinely contact industry experts and actors to keep their knowledge up to date, wanted to know more about Dash and arrange a meeting. We have exchanged a few emails to learn more about their intentions and, after a lot of consideration, we have decided not to meet with them.

We understand that law enforcement has a very important role in society and the Dash Core team is committed to always respect the law anywhere it operates. In this case, it looks like they only want education and a contact point for future reference. That by itself is not necessarily bad, but we don't want to create a dynamic that could lead to uncomfortable situations for anyone in the project. Besides that, the only information that anyone in the team has is what is publicly available in the blockchain or our site. Anyone with a computer can provide as much information as the team, so there is no point in meeting. We have made that clear to them.

Dash is completely legal and that has always been the opinion of all lawyers we have consulted about it since the beginning of the project. Being contacted by authorities is only natural when a project reaches the size and notoriety that Dash has. We are sharing this information because we are committed to transparency with the community, not because there is any problem. However, if someone has any doubt or is contacted by law enforcement about Dash, please don't hesitate to reach out to me if you desire so. Obviously, if it is an urgent or grave matter, contact an attorney in your jurisdiction first.

In the next few days we will create a few pages in the website where we explain how there is no point for law enforcement to ask for information because there is no information that we can share.
regulation to attempt to intimidate you and undermine the use of the actual technology itself.
They've been getting away with precisely this by fraudulently misrepresenting cryptocurrency as a property in order to crush developments like InstantX. The objective being to force Ponzi/Tulips and put people off of crypto by leaving scamming as the only thing left to do with it...

Yes, they very much can put the toothpaste back in the tube. They realize ze the level of barbarism needed will not generally be tolerated, which is why they are doing their best to spread misinformation and foment distaste. Once they get enough clueless people pissed off and convinced it's a scam and a terrorism/money laundering/child porn conduit/drugs etc., then they can get away with increased barbarism.

Look what they did to Switzerland before crypto was even invented, then get back to me about "other countries" doing their own thing... Safe haven gave been dropping like flies for the last 20 years. They get in line or they get slandered into the stone age with the same propaganda/misinformation machine they use on everything they want to control.

True. Germany is a good example. But, not so much when you consider Germany is the headquarters for everything evil and dysfunctional about the EU, of which decent people are sick to death of being shit on...

There is a backlash against the creeping socialism of the past 80 years coming, but it will include an increase in authoritarianism, not a decrease. Cryptocurrency is being set up as one of the fall guys. The Huxlian begets the Orwellian.