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Congratulations Fernando Gutierrez - Dash Core Group, Chief Marketing Officer

Ryan Taylor

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I am pleased to announce that long time Dash Core Group contributor Fernando Gutierrez will be greatly expanding his responsibilities and time commitment on our team by accepting the position of Chief Marketing Officer.

@fernando has been active with the Dash project since early 2014. Throughout that time, he has managed countless projects, legal initiatives, business development opportunities, and has served as a board member providing overall guidance to the team, and in my opinion possesses one of the sharpest minds toward overall business management on the team.

Most recently, Fernando has taken the leading role on our marketing and branding efforts, including establishing our relationship with Ogilvy & Mather and managing the relationship and plans. He has also taken on ownership for management of our public relations firm Wachsman PR, and started planning our conference and event participation for 2018.

Fernando's team - which we expect to start expanding soon - will be responsible for expanding our PR and advertising activities, events planning and coordination (including both external and Dash-organized events), marketing content and strategy (including assets like trademarks, our brand, the dash.org website, etc), and coordination of community / external communication.

Join me in congratulating Fernando. I believe the Dash network is extremely lucky to be gaining Fernando's passion and capabilities, while maintaining the valuable continuity of knowledge and experience from all of his years of experience specific to Dash.


Fernando is a registered lawyer and economist. He had an almost decade-long career in sales and marketing in HP and Telefonica, with previous experience in strategy consulting. He was promoted multiple times and had early management experience, including projects across South America and Europe. He worked in B2B and B2C consumer market advertising, in departments that focused heavily on data analysis of each initiative. He then exchanged the corporate world for entrepreneurship and investing in real estate, both for himself and for several institutional investors.

He joined the Dash team in 2014. Back then, joining the team meant performing a crazy variety of tasks because there were few people or resources. That included promotion, business development, legal research and discussing new features that we now love. Even maintaining servers while googling how to do it was an ordinary event. Lately he has been more focused in general management of the team's growth from his board position. He has also coordinated some marketing projects and kept an eye on legal matters, including supporting the creation of our new legal structure.
I’m really pleased that Fernando has been retained within Dash Core with a formalised leadership title. It’s great for Dash. Good luck Fernando.
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Nice one,
Now that Fernando is the Chief Marketing Officeer, maybe it would be worth singling out the marketing departpement as a separate DAO and let them apply for budget independently from Core. It could increase decentralsation of the project.
Any thoughts?

With the new role I hope our(community) long standing prayers have been heard and get some more frequent projectupdates on whatever subject is at hand!
Congratulations, Fernando! This is an effort that needs structure and guidance. Glad to see you take it on formally. Good luck!
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@fernando my honest congratulations for taking the CMO position. Your past activity and all you did for Dash for all these years only confirms that we have the right person on the right place. Thumb up!
Congrats @fernando and congrats Dash!! Everyone benefits from this progression and we look forward to hooking up on projects in the near future
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What a splendid decision! @fernando is amazing and I will always be grateful to him for introducing me to Dash. Congratulations Dash team!
Wow...this looks and sounds like a fantastic development. I for one would love to see how that role develops. Marketing, marketing, marketing...with intelligence is key to mass adoption, right?