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C-CEX.com: Where Is My Money? Or how C-CEX.com stole 308 Dash and got away with it

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Published on Medium.com https://medium.com/@7/c-cex-com-where-is-my-money-7e77af4ea2f3

This is taken from Roger Ver’s BitcoinBounty.com (the bounty has expiredbut this story is still ongoing).

My name is Max, I am an early adopter of Bitcoin and other cryptos. In june of 2014 I put over $5000 of my savings in buying Darkcoin #DRK (now known as Dash or Dashcoin) via the shadowy Bitcoin exchange C-CEX.com. On june 14th 2014, 358 DRKs (at the time worth $5,368.99) disappeared from my account. While the C-CEX.com team acknowledged the misappropriation of my funds (a practice known as “goxing” in the crypto world) and agreed to refund 50 DRK, 308 remain missing. Since this incident C-CEX.com has closed my account and banned my IP address as they have done to many others who have spoken out.For this reason I am offering 1.5 bitcoins for the identities of the people behind C-CEX.com, once this information gathered I will contact other C-CEX.com victims and together we will take adequate legal action.
It has been almost two years since I offered this Bitcoin bounty. Unfortunately and as of march 2017 (the date the bounty expired) no one has offered any information on the identities of the people behind the shadowy C-CEX.com exchange nor did the C-CEX.com administrators tried to contact me and/or refund me my 308 Dash currently worth over $111,997(and going up).

Since yesterday and without prior announcement C-CEX.com has been under “maintenance”, a red flag for many users who are legitimately raising questions and fearing for their funds (as they should). The big question is: Is another “goxing” in the works at C-CEX.com like the one that has recently affected BTC-E.com users?

Because of that and after 3 years of battling C-CEX.com on all fronts but also to avoid another MT-GOX.com/BTC-E.com scandal in the cryptocurrency world I have decided to sue this exchange. It is my responsibility as an early Bitcoin user and firm believer of the Blockchain technology but also as someone who has invested enormous amounts of time and efforts in promoting the Bitcoin project and other cryptocurrencies (including Dash) to warn people of this rogue exchange and not trust them with their hard-earned (digital) money.

First, C-CEX.com was never held accountable for the 2014 hack that led to the misuse of users funds (including my 358 DRK/Dash).

Secondly, C-CEX.com is known to promote “scamcoins” and fake ICOs while profiting from users gullibility in buying into them.

Thirdly, it should no longer be acceptable for a Bitcoin (and other cryptos) exchange to run a multi-million dollar operation without there be any information public about them. We are not talking about an ephemeral darknet exchange here, no we are talking about one of the longest running BTC exchange which has been known for illicit business practices dating as far back as 2013.

I’ll see you in court C-CEX.com!

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