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Budget System v2 / Transform PR

Most people think it's Russian because some of its customer base is Russian and have Russian as a language there but that's not the case. :)

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I was personally involved in a project that had the option of getting listed onto BTC-E in exchange for a fee which wasn't small but they were willing to do it for the right amount. Can't remember how much it was exactly but they were open to the idea provided we were willing to pay the price. This was 2 years ago or so.
So now it's an English exchange, right?...:rolleyes:
They are smart and the knew that:
1) crypto is going to be forbidden in Russia
2) you should NEVER start a business like this in Russia, you'll get basically robbed by "officials" one day

And btw, btc-e.com is blocked by the court in Russia since this February... but it's already available at btc-e.nz :grin: (which again not a Bulgarian domain :tongue:)

Anyway, if you have some old contacts and can gather some info about what would it take for us to get there that would be really helpful for sure!
(not sure if we can easily met their requirements but having info is better than nothing:smile:)
This is exactly right. The compliance rules are what is key. They are changing every year. So even if you do meet them today - will you next year? Will you even know when they are retroactively changed? This is a crazy high risk space right now.

We need to find a way to skip the KYC - do an open bazzar like decentralized trading system or coinffeine eschange. It would only have seller fiat to buyer fiat transfers - no central account. The Dash would be held by a 3rd party and released based on contract. Maybe this is a slow process that takes 2 days. It is 100% better than doing KYC bs and being subjected to withdraw/deposit limits.

Yidakee - this isn't utopia. It is entirely possible. It is also a lot more possible if we put $6k/month into finding the solution. A decentralized trading system is a technical problem that can be solved.

How many people thought a soda machine couldn't be done by the Miami conference? We are a pretty talented bunch. With a little direction we can do it.

Maybe the first discussion we need is how much is the right amount to spend on marketing, then choose what we do from there.

If you're just selling a few thing like on OB, then sure, no problem at all. If you're bringing in money on a regular basis, any Internal Revenue Service is going to ask questions, as the ultimate goal of government is to tax you. So I totally agree that a p2p fiat decentralized operation is totally possible, but legally right now it's impossible on 2 scenarios

a) trading currency pairs, as you need to prove capital gains, and thus provide documentation to government
b) business account - where you need to do FIAT - Dash - FIAT conversion = payment processor

In the second scenario you can use payment processor to bypass a) or manually/automatically do it yourself and fall under a)

When I mentioned utopia (and certainly not in a negative way or I wouldn't be here in the first place) - I was meaning about the possibility to override KYC/AML bs

Obviously, government is not going to hassle you for a few bucks here and there, but I'm talking about the ultimate goal here, scaling massively.


Unless you use offshore accounts that are out of reach of your government. There are quite a few viable such options.

Sure, brilliant. Try running a brick and mortar business. Weren't you the one talking about escaping old paradigms? If that's the solution, where on earth does Dash fit into the equation?

...where on earth does Dash fit into the equation?


There might be potential in separating out that bit and existing nowhere on earth, just purely in the virtual sense and falling under no legal jurisdiction but that's kind of hypothetical for now at least
Sure, brilliant. Try running a brick and mortar business. Weren't you the one talking about escaping old paradigms? If that's the solution, where on earth does Dash fit into the equation?

Actually some do it. Capital is sent from the offshore company account to your business account but it's a more complicated arrangement and might not be everyone's cup of tea.

I never said Dash is the most easiest crypto for exchanges to accept since it may raise some regulatory flags. Getting big exchanges to list Dash won't be easy, especially US based exchanges.

So far there is this one exchange that offers Dash to USD trading pair https://www.livecoin.net/ a UK based exchange. It's good that there's a precedent, but as I was saying earlier, getting US exchanges on board is a whole different matter.
CCDEK, usecryptos.com and other pair Dash with FIAT. IIRC, BitFinex did too, they only dropped use due to low liquidity. That reminds me, lol, I still have Darkcoins there, I forgot some from last year - cool that they kept them for me :D

There is zero problem listing Dash. The only problem is liquidity.

There might be potential in separating out that bit and existing nowhere on earth, just purely in the virtual sense and falling under no legal jurisdiction but that's kind of hypothetical for now at least
Distributed networks exist in all jurisdictions, not none.
I don't know any working p2p fiat-crypto exchanges yet, in case we don't count coinffeine and bithalo. But I think if we mix something like localbitcoins.com and ZeroNet.io we could have one eventually. And if we talking about cash-fiat <-> crypto then there is Mycelium already. Maybe they could add DASH too?

PS: you can immortalize your P2P-comments here.
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I'm using LiteBit.eu more and more lately (its located in The Netherlands) to transfer from Euro to Dash directly, its fast but not exactly anonymous i suspect
as my bank account needed to be verified for the use of a fast banking payment system we use in the Netherlands (iDEAL banking system).

Normally i'm in and out of there within a hour but i would suggest to avoid using LiteBit.eu when you need to do a transaction that needs verification
within a short time period (15 minutes for example). LiteBit.eu's orders sometimes take a bit longer then that.


It has other payment options as well :

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I'm using LiteBit.eu more and more lately (its located in The Netherlands) to transfer from Euro to Dash directly, its fast but not exactly anonymous
Vendors don't need anon. They're already known. They have these legal entities formed, like, you know, Corporations. Or, whatever a "Foundation" is. They have physical points of presence... They're already all over the radar. It's irrelevant.

The only "hits" I've gotten about making any effort at all for putting DASH into the real world have all been from non-Americans... (Big surprise, you have to leave the USA to find someone who isn't lazy as fuck and even dumber) A USD/DASH cash-out exchange isn't really needed, I guess.

But, wait... Isn't this thread supposed to be about PRing non-action? When you hype up all the nothing you're doing, what impression does that give? Same as every other ShitCoin that talks big and does nothing, that's what. This only makes DASH look even more ponzi than the pall of crypto did in the first place...

PR == Ponzi Reinforcement.

At least at this stage. Under the current curcumstances, the best-case outcome is that every person DASH manages to "reach" thinks less of DASH as a result... And DASH is paying money to do it... Everyone in crypto knows what DASH is now, and they know DASH is full of shit, too. DASH's only remaining hope is to get on board with non-crypto-exposed business and appeal to non-crypto people... And DASH has already done a great job of pissing off all of the leads I had on that...

There is no such thing as a Company that could survive even one week of such gross mismanagement and flagrant denial of reality.

The cart is in front of the horse. Sitrep is FUBAR.
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I could get a good look at a T-Bone by sticking my head up a bull's ass, but I'd rather take the butcher's word for it.
^ this guy gets it.

There is nothing right now to relate to the public. At all.

I fear the bus has long since left.

- nice wallet
- instant transactions
- anonymized transactions
- voting

The only thing going for DASH right now is the yield on your investment in a Master Node. As I mentioned before, that should be the selling point because there is nothing else in reality. As the character above mentions, there is nothing to tout at this time. I had suggested the investment vehicle, which I now understand is measured. Accordingly juggle the numbers if need be. Increase the price, decrease the number of them whatever, find a balance so that it generates interest and sales.

Otherwise nothing to date exists. One could go out there and tout that this interview is a result on the incredible novel idea of our coin that has voting rights built into it, or ? Or what? Instant transactions? I test pr0n sites (how unlucky me), for BTC. Payment and sign up is instant. Less time it takes for a DASH transaction to take place. So fast I don't think there a setting in mere html meta-refresh that can beat it.

Anonymous? Ouch, I see in the BTC threads most here scrutinize the movement of DASH down to the amounts times and everything else about it, that 1+1 who hosts a master node and who mays for it it and when they off-load it can all be whittled down to an email address. I hesitate to think of IP addresses. Yes. I did off-load most of my MN's the other day. Into ETH mind you. Since doubled in value. Can't complain.

I might be back. While retaining still quite a few.


Nothing is going on.

The world is moving and dash remains the same.

From my point of view it has nothing to offer other than a means of passive income. And that I would very very strongly suggest should be the primary sales pitch today. Work it out, it is just numbers. Nothing other than that is going to appeal to the masses now or in the future. It's a "well built" blue chip stock. with a tracking record and following to compliment it.

That's not enough. Bitcoin 3 or whatever you want to call it is the way we are going. "contracts" and "side chains" and other techno-babble bullshit is where it is at.

Let's be frank frank. - no one is going to adopt DASH, no one needs it. Process of BTC is quicker via any current new means, anonymization is passe no one cares. You have your local sleuths giggling at monitoring movement of lump sums and dates and times and rich lists and largest wallets and addresses all day.

No one cares.

Focus on :

- blue chip first of the first and an immense brain powered back room team
- ROI and investment vehicle - auto juggle the number to increase the value be it 10,000 / MN @ 12% p.a. with 5000 max. or whatever

there is something there, that this innovative coin, with a brainiac at the helm with brilliant and honest ideas that all work, can be a leader in testing, innovating, trying, doing, failing, succeeding, in ideas about it all - crypto currency that is. Be it voting via a coin, be it mixing via client side wallet a coin, be it remuneration for deposits for a coin. All which is now being implemented by everyone else.

DASH should be touted as an incubator of sorts. The first of the first of the first without fear or failure to succeed.

BLUE CHIP as it were. I fail to think of a cross purpose RL comparison as I scratch this all out. Hang on. Wait. say an MIT or a Berkley perhaps?

Invest in that. The whole of it all.

The s0-called "adoption" bus has long since gone.

BLUE CHIP repeat after me.


eth to the moooo... :)
The selling points for DASH right now IMO are its governance, zero-conf secure transactions, and the upcoming DAPI/other evolution features. The benefits of its governance system I think have barely even begun to be realized. No other blockchain can sustain an ability for the network to make decisions and innovate swiftly even as it scales up dramatically.