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Budget Proposal - Renew Sponsorship of Future Tech Podcast (Dash interviews)

Richard Jacobs

New member

Thank you for sponsoring the future tech podcast so we can continue
to find and interview people associated with the Dash world.

Here are a few links to past interviews:

Amanda B. Johnson

Perry Woodin (node 40)

Now that Dash has become the 3rd-highest market cap cryptocurrency,
and with the coming rollout of Dash Evolution, the next 6-9 months are
going to be a critical time to promote Dash as much as possible to increase
adoption as much as possible.

Our plan is to interview 3-4 Dash-related folks each month, and post their
interviews on our iTunes channel (currently up to 30,000 downloads a month)
and on Twitter (paid advertising by us) to help spread Dash adoption.

The community already sponsored us once - we're asking for a 3 month
commitment of 25 Dash a month to get these interviews done.

Please show your support and vote!

Richard Jacobs
Future Tech Podcast

PS - If you go to YouTube and type: "future tech dash proposal" you can see what
I look like and verify that I am the interviewer on future tech podcast.
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Thanks for asking - the podcasts are posed on

and if you type futue tech into iTunes, we tend to come up
in the top 5 slots.

If you want to see and listen to the specific interviews I'm talking about,
here are some links:


Please let me know what other info you need and thank you for your response.

Does anyone know this person?

Has the Dash DAO worked with this person before?

I see no external links or info backing this proposal up to deem it credible for my votes. Voting no to defend the treasury unless someone comes out to verify.

EDIT: Posted the same thing on Dash Central https://www.dashcentral.org/p/Interview-Dash-Users-FutureTech-Podcast
Please go take a look at your proposal on dash central and answer questions both here and there. Many skeptics and you really need to do a better job of verification.

Scan the comments and get back to us, this proposal needs a LOT of work if it is indeed legit.

I forgot about responding on the Dash forum and only responded
on Dash budget page - apologizes.

I have now posted links to some podcasts, and also posted a video of
myself on YouTube that demonstrates I am the voice behind future tech

Your feedback is critical - please let me know what else I need to post
or do to show you and everyone else that I am serious about getting
the job done right, and any other verifications needed.
Improve the quality of the interviewing on this show and I'll vote YES.
Lately I can't bear to listen to these podcasts because it seems like the interviewer has no idea what questions to ask. Most of the guests are interesting but a little more preparation in advance to come up with good questions and different directions would go a long way to making a much better product.