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BTC38 : Dash delisted ?


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Cross post from Bitcointalk forum :
[quote author=tema link=topic=421615.msg23757065#msg23757065 date=1509356647]
who knows the reason? What the problem with this good coins on BTC38? http://www.btc38.com/news/2017/10/15741.html

The link you provided is from an article dated 12-oct-2017 and mentions SYS-XPM-BLK-EMC-DASH-XZC to be delisted 13-oct-2017

However so far i can tell Dash is still normally traded on BTC38 through DASH/CNY and BTC38 website also shows several Dash related articles
all the way up to today.

Edit : to be totally sure (because i dont see the DASH/CNY pair traded on BTC38 anymore), i will check on dash.org/forum

Has Dash been delisted from BTC38 ?
supposedly all exchanges will be out of China by the end of this month. they are delisting trade pairs step by step
There was no official communication shared from BTC38 to us about this fact. Probably issues with their government made them closing operations in China (but this is just my speculation).