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I'll be happy to help with a portion of the proposal fee. Good luck!
are you going to escrow funds with someone to measure event #1 performance before you get to 2 and 3? I would like to see you run 1 great even before funding for 3 events all at once.
Hi , it's not my first proposal with dash to use escrow , Before and after each conference I'll share videos and pictures, and any updates in Discord to track my progress
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Dear Masternode Owners,

Please vote for my proposal to improve Dash network in the In Second Highest Inflation Arab Country In The World List


Manually vote on this proposal (DashCore - Tools - Debugconsole):

gobject vote-many 28c22aa72d3d9d10b6dc0f1ca47938866125c75d5572f1b7303a0ddfb8e0ab61 funding yes​