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Binance - The largest cryptocurrency exchange - Trade without verification

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Binance is the largest cryptocurrency market in terms of volume:


source: Coin Market Cap

There are over 150 altcoins available. Most of popular, but also niche ones. Binance has an established position on market. Strong technical and personal facilities. Whole consists of several pillars built around exchange:

Binance Info - cryptocurrency information and rating
Binance Academy - training materials
Charity Foundation - blockchain promoting foundation
Binance LaunchPad - tools to run ICO
Binance Labs - support for cryptocurrency startups
Trust Wallet - wallet

In plans:

Binance LCX - FIAT stock exchange
Binance DEX - decentralized exchange
Fuonders Bank - bank serving companies from the blockchain industry

The platform works smoothly. Nothing is jammed or interrupted. A fully functional mobile application available. Only cryptocurrencies are available. There are no currencies FIAT.

In my opinion, this is the best exchange currently.

I prepared description of entire platform and develop this topic in blog article. Is in Polish, but you can translate without problems using google translator. On blog also has a guide how to operate Binance.

Link to article: https://kryptopan.pl/gielda-binance-najwazniejsze-informacje/

My link: https://www.binance.com/register

Clean link: https://www.binance.com/

If you express willingness to register from my link, I will receive small commission. You also have clean link next to it. Thank you all for registration :)
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I forgot about some important issues:

Verification is not obligatory. You can withdraw up to 2 BTC per 24 hours without verification.

Amount of commission
Standard commission is 0.1% of each transaction. You can reduce it to 0.05% by buying BNB coin. Just that you will have this cryptocurrency, and commission will be charged to its balance with 50% discount.

Binance is registered in Malta. It is a country located in European Union. Malta is a cryptocurrency friendly legal jurisdiction.
Last week at Binance:

1. Binance Research launched with two in-depth project research reports
2. Trust Wallet increases fiat conversion support to 150+ currencies
3. Binance Academy published #cryptocurrency #mining video + educational content now available in Vietnamese
4. Blockchain Charity Foundation’s Athena Yu selected to join WEF Global Shapers Community
5. Binance Info adds 52 new third-party reports, bringing total to 1408
6. We hit 20K followers on #Instagram!
7. We wrote about our Corporate Accounts tiered trading fee discount
Exactly. The best is fact, that nothing is jammed and that you do not have to verify. Mobile application is also a plus. I personally do not use it, but many people praise it.
Last week update:

1. Binance launches USDⓈ Markets. Paxos Standard Token was added.
2. First Trust Wallet meetup in Amsterdam
3. Chat with Binance Co-Founder He Yi
4. More event's for Binance leadership
5. New ways to raise funds for foundation
6. Binance Research translated into Chinese
7. 100 Trezor wallet's to give away
Last week update:

1. New DEX preview video released
2. Sub-accounts feature launched
3. Binance Blockchain Week announced
4. Support for BTC added on iOS TrustWalletApp
This is also my favorite exchange. Introducing new solutions all the time. For example, detailed descriptions of cryptocurrencies with full numerical data. This is not just any article. Each text based on a solid check and reaserch.
Binance has released a separate platform that supports payments in FIAT currencies.

All information on main exchange website.
FIAT accepts a new and separate servis: Binance Jersey - platform requires re-registration. Euro and British pounds are available.

Main Binance platform has recently been able to pay with Visa and Master Card. Intermediary company is Simplex.

Full report and evaluation of the security level on crypto exchange here: https://blog.cer.live/analytical-assessments/top-100-exchanges/

It's worth reading. A very wise and informative text.
Binance launched the DEX testnet. Information from exchange site:

In order to increase awareness of Binance Dex within the Binance Chain community, Binance has decided to sponsor a simulated trading competition on the Binance DEX testnet. All those who have at least 1 real BNB on Binance DEX Simulated Trading Competition. Each Binance.com account is able to register a maximum of 20 Binance Chain addresses and will receive a 200 virtual testnet BNB tokens to each other. Binance DEX trading competition begins.
I've been using binance for a while and it seems to be legit, although I've heard that they started banning people with US IP address so it's better to use it with vpn. I'm using nordvpn for a some time now and it works fine although not sure about other vpn, it might be fine too.
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