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Best VPN?

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The snoopers and hackers spy our web browsing history through our viral IP location. But when we use ZenMate VPN, it changes our Virtual IP location and address, due to which, access of those hackers block and now you can continue your private browsing.
Commercial VPNs are great if you are just trying to change your location to a different country. For censorship avoidance, these commercial services get targetted pretty hard. Hands down the best solution is to build your own server and run Streisand, all your devices (including Wifi router) can connect and most importantly, stay connected. Only requirement is extremely basic Linux skills and around $5 a month for Vultr hosting.
ExpressVPN and NordVPN are the two I use the most. The price of ExpressVPN is high, but never felt a downtime or any issues.
NordVPN is best however if you wanna look into more cost effective options.

BTW, going with NordVPN is suited the most as per the most positive word of mouth.
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Nordvpn has an excellent support and browser extensions, and it has good reviews, they where nominated on vpn of 2018 at vpnmentor. In another forum I found this good coupon so if u considering buying you can get 70% off two years deal by entering GET after choosing the payment type.
Well, Different peoples have different choices. Express and HMA VPNs are best you can also read reviews on ReviewsDir. I recommend ExpressVPN but choices is yours.
I used enablevpn com for streaming.
Because this is a new service and its servers are not loaded.
I used a Russian server (because my audience is located in Russia).
It's okay for now.
My prepaid time with TorGuard is about to finish and I've been having some problems to connect lately to some of their servers, so I'm on the look for a new guardian of my browsing.

My requisites are quite easy:
-No logs
-Exit servers in many countries
-Payment with crypto. DRK would be ideal, but I can compromise to BTC.

Any recommendations?
I personally use PureVPN and its quite satisfactory. I recently resubscribe their service on their discounted deal on their anniversary.
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