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Bargain: Who wants 6500 dash?

In my case, for example, there is always one/two persons who constantly (and masively) troll rate me. They suddently and unexpectedly disappear
Don't you mean, they get tired and start ignoring you?
Don't you mean, they get tired and start ignoring you?
This can also be proved by the statistics.

If the persons who troll rated me after stopping it they keep sending comments, they keep participate in the community, then those are considered as tired and they ignore me. But if they suddently disappear or if they never talked or participated but their only job and participation was just for rating me (which I claim are the frequent cases) then this means that they are spies who are using their structured methodology.

I could easily prove all this if the rating statistics were publicaly available, but they arent and I let you guess the reason...
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If the annual returns of 350 masternodes are around $800,000 at current prices then the monthly returns are $66000. The monhtly prize of this attack is $143000 which is more than double. And after all, the most important question is this: Who will be aware of it? How many dash have been lost in lamassu project? Did the price of dash fall because of the 12 month lamassu malfunction and the final lost of 7500 dash from the budget? If not, and if nobody really cared about the lamassu 12 month malfunction, then why the price of dash will fall for just one month malfunction?
Whatever the fall of the dash price will be , it will not fall to zero after this attack for sure. Especially if this attack is kept secret from the media,. This last minute proposal could also be written in a believable way, it could contain a lot of technical jargon or refer to a fake wanna be festival or to some lawyers fake consultancy fees, so that even in case the media arrive, they will find a decent-resembling proposal.

Remember this?
Just count how many of the current governance proposals are actually classified into this do-nothing-and-get-the-money type proposals.
Just count them.
I think more and more people are taking advantage of the spirit of this thread.
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