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August 2016 Development Update


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It's not something to vote over. Evan & team build whatever they want. Info would be nice however. But i guess it's better to let the ETH/C storm die down a bit to give our news room to impress.

True enough ! Many new presentations with great validity have been overshadowed by distraction.
Timing is very important to success !


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If you are searching a 10 items list, here is a list of 7 rules of sentinel.


Shall we put those rules into a vote?

No. This isn't about the set of rules. These rules have changed a few times. This is the not the official repo so it is likely changes will be made until release.

We are asking how this changes the budget - i.e. are there contracts? How they are voted in/out?
The other items should also be mentioned like storing user data - are files using encryption? Space needed? Etc.


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Actually he does work for us because we pay him. No one is "demanding" anything. I am simply stating that stakeholders might want to be treated a little differently than this, for good reason. I don't appreciate being labeled by you as a troll, already! Seriously? This is the attitude that alienates people and makes people want to completely withdraw from this place. Anyway, I would appreciate if someone *from core development* ( not you) would be kind enough to weigh in

Evan receives a payment of 67 DASH per month, the same as all the other Core Team members. Revocation of that payment (approx. $700 per month) is probably not enough to really motivate anyone, one way or the other. Eventually DASH will increase in value to such an extent that the payments will be very motivating, but at the moment they're really a token of appreciation rather than an income.


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This not the same thing. The highlight is about proposal owners defunding a proposal. What about defunding a proposal because Dash is now $250 and a webpage designer is suddenly going to be raking in $100,000/mo for 12 months. Or maybe the owner dies(just saying this could happen). The proposal owner isn't going to say no or maybe they can't stop it. The network needs a way to stop a contract without the proposal owners intervention. There have been many threads discussing this.

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We need something like a monthly videochat debate to settle this kind of matters. The forum is really timeconsuming to follow and maybe 5% of people take the time to go through all of the responds :oops:


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I agree, the information management can be improved. Now, I don't think we need a community manager or some sort that stands in between dev's and the community, but the devs can essentially open up the feature discussion on the blockchain for all the world to see, as it is right now with the masternode proposal votes.

It's very important that we're not trying to catch our tails as well when no information is certain.

Looking forward to the dash detailed interview.