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WTS Antminer D3, 15Gh/s... first order.

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Thanks a lot, UdjinM6
We offer to buy at our store, we offer to pay with paypal or bank transfer or coins.
I can send in private message our bank statement with transfer to Bitmain Technologies 19.07...
We issue the invoice to pay with -our company has permanent registration in Nederland for 12 years... it is easy to check witn VAT/BTW number...
For those who has doubts - paypal is good solution, IMHO.
Thanks AGAIN for your support.

Ok so I tried to order Antminer S9 on your site,but you only accept USD wire or Crypto coins? It does not let me pay with PAYPAL.
To all claiming it's a scam: any proof?

@Crazy Lucky @jimbo12 @XrayHunter

Still waiting for Sept! Order. Sometimes takes days to get answer- if even. And then just excuses about "delays from Chinese Partner" Afiak Bitmain has shipped all Orders more or less in time - so that´s simply another lie
Phone Number not working. VAT Registration invalid, when you check them on Dutch VAT Validator.

Asked for refund - got answer "submitted will to chinese Partner" uhm. in legal Terms he´s my business Partner. I dont care about some Chinese.
Contacted already NL Police Cyber Crime. As my last Ultimatum to Hardware Bros passed, I will extend that and see which other authorities I can report to. IC3 might be next.

@UdjinM6 are you willing to help out with Evidence for Police Investigation? EG Log Files?
STOP HIJACKING this Thread !!!!
It´s about Hardwarebros.com SCAM and not your Sales Thread! Or are you the mysterious Chinese Partner from Hardwarebros??
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