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PCEX is a digital currency exchange platform by Panaesha Capital which will have both cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency to fiat money trading. PCEX offers high liquidity and superior trade matching. The exchange will execute trades fast, and for a minimal transaction fee. For additional security, PCEX uses a broker channel; a personal representative to help users manage their accounts. PCEX will be one of the most secure crypto-exchange platforms with a focus on the integrity of data.

Cryptocurrency exchanges usually offer either cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency or cryptocurrency to fiat money trading; not many exchanges allow both. PCEX is a one-stop trading platform which makes it convenience-oriented and open to different types of trades. PCEX is user-friendly and very easy to navigate, even for novices.

With a large platform hosting the trade of altcoins, PCEX ensures fast trading to users through a powerful matching engine. The PCEX matching engine will be able to handle around 2,000,000 orders per second, which means that PCEX will be one of the fastest crypto-exchanges available in the market today.

Traders have to endure feeble customer support on most crypto-exchanges resulting in poor credibility. Alternatively, PCEX employs a broker and sub broker channel to minimize this shortcoming of cryptoexchanges. An additional layer of security is added through this channel and the process enables PCEX to work closely with the traders. In order to comply with current and future regulations, all PCEX clients will have to go through a KYC/AML procedure.

PCEX has only two fees as opposed to the various charges involved in trading on other crypto-exchanges. Traders on PCEX will be charged only a 0.5 % transaction fee in USD and an additional withdrawal fee only applies if the traders bow out from the platform.

PCEX employs limit trading to execute exchanges on the platform. Limit trading allows you to buy an asset at a particular price or lower or sell the asset at a specific price or higher. A specific time period is also attached to the order and if a matching order at the set price (or better) is not found within that period, the primary order is cancelled.

For a smooth trading experience, PCEX offers high liquidity and improved security. PCEX provides a secure platform for cryptocurrency exchange through the Clark-Wilson model of security framework. This framework prevents corruption of data through information integrity. Any breach in the system is easily detectable.

PCEX is built keeping the NSE (National Stock Exchange) format in mind. The platform will be easy to use and will showcase trends in the crypto-market.
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