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Android Dash wallet needs a tutorial


New member
I can't see in any place a tutorial that teaches how to use dash wallet for android.
It's very interesting to know:
- how to backup wallet;
- what do user needs to do if he boughts a new cellphone?
- a good explanation on address book. Mainly when user buy their first dash. Initially dash wallet generates only one address. After user receive dash in your wallet, another three address are generated. Why? Is there a difference among them?
- For other transactions, can the user is able to use the same dash address?
Hi, thanks for this list of points. I'll work on a tutorial for the android wallet and post it on the wiki soon!
New tutorials here:

I'm not sure if writing too many details about why the addresses change is helpful or confusing. The wallet is designed to be simple and transparent for the user, and old addresses will always be able to receive Dash, even if the current receive address has changed. This is just the way HD wallets work by scanning through the hierarchical chain of addresses until x unused addresses are found, Trezor is the same...