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Amanda & Pete Go to Atlanta


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Pete and I were asked quite recently if we would attend the upcoming Atlanta Bitcoin Meetup. The reasons are two:

1 – So that I, Amanda, may make a 20-minute presentation before Evan’s
2 – So that Pete can be in charge of sound and video recording both our presentations

We would be thrilled to do this, have accepted the invitation, and are also willing to make it all into a video and publish it on Dash’s YouTube channel.

We now ask the network for a reimbursement of the costs we have incurred/will incur in accepting this invitation. They are three:

1 – Two round-trip flights from Utah to Atlanta ($865.26, or ~67 Dash)
2 – Two nights at a hotel ($158.98, or ~12 Dash)
3 – Ground transportation ($150, or ~12 Dash)

Total = 91 Dash

We believe the value we will bring to this meetup is primarily this: I, Amanda, will give the WHYs of Dash in a layperson-friendly pitch before Evan then picks up with the HOWs of Dash. Pete, in the meantime, will take care of the recording and publishing of the session with an HD camera, tripod, lapel mic, and pocket sound recorder.

We hope to receive your vote for reimbursement, and please ask me any questions you may have below.
Pretty sure the wedding was captured on video....
Just in case...

Well, i think my tour of the internet is now complete. I have just watched a full wedding of a complete stranger to a South American on an obscure crypto forum.

In fairness though, i feel like i know you a whole lot better now Ed. Good job!

I know where my next holiday is going to be ;-)

That cake looked delicious.