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8 Steps to a Successful Proposal

Wow Monachilada. Thank you so much for sharing your lessons learned. This is great! I just shared with my team. Much appreciated!
I'm part of a team that is preparing a proposal to convert Dash into the preferred cryptocurrency in the central region of Venezuela and this publication has been really useful for me.

Thank you very much!
Thanks for the tips! Very helpful. We are working on some interesting data that might give some further insight into creating successful proposals. Will be sharing details in our Pre-Proposal shortly.
she did an amazing job being on the camera and public speaking. I am interesting in looking at this pre-proposal some more. I like the fact that we need public faces supporting dash in the future
Thank you so much for your well written, concise and extremely helpful post. All great things to consider especially for a new member such as myself as I am learning as I go!
Thanks very much for such a great guide, I think this will help to improve effective way of writing a winnable proposal. This post is useful