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3 fold wallet problem


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I have numerous issues one of which is that I have/had a fair amount of coins in a Darkcoin wallet circa August 2014.
Here's my Dashpay related issues!
1. Corrupted Hard drive.
2. Old Darcoin QT ran on a virtual PC
3. Corrupted Wallet.dat

In an attempt to be secure I ran the Darkcoin QT and wallet in a virtual PC and unfortunately had a hard drive failure.
At the time I put this down to a school boy error as for Bitcoin I had numerous wallets backed up and used armory etc and proceeded to move on with my life until recently I saw the rise of Dashpay.
I managed to salvage a number of the windows image backups and found a wallet.data file.
The wallet.dat file only appears to be 72KB in size (not sure if that's an issue).
The things I have tried so far are.
  1. Backed up the wallet.dat. I know, locking the gate after the horse has bolted.
  2. Attempting Dashpay to update/salvage the wallet
  3. Running the previous QT versions with the wallet.dat in the C:\Users\ME\AppData\Roaming\DarkCoin folder​
  4. Poor\failed attempt at using pywallet.py
  5. Poking my own eyes out.

I'm looking for some guidance and pointers on the next step.
Learn python and use the pywallet tool
Any Hex editor tool and tips how to identify that public/private keys


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Hi UdinM6,
Thanks for the response, one of the wallets that I found on one of my VHDX to very corrupted. Although in a hex editor I did find some 'ckeys'. I'll try the script you sent me later this evening.

The wallet failed to run with "wallet.data corrupt, salvage failed"

2017-06-06 06:48:08 Darkcoin version v0.11.1.25-gbdbdbf9-beta (Fri, 13 Feb 2015 12:53:45 -0700)
2017-06-06 06:48:08 Using OpenSSL version OpenSSL 1.0.1k 8 Jan 2015
2017-06-06 06:48:08 Using BerkeleyDB version Berkeley DB 4.8.30: (April 9, 2010)
2017-06-06 06:48:08 Default data directory C:\Users\Dean\AppData\Roaming\Darkcoin
2017-06-06 06:48:08 Using data directory C:\Users\Dean\AppData\Roaming\Darkcoin
2017-06-06 06:48:08 Using at most 125 connections (2048 file descriptors available)
2017-06-06 06:48:08 Using 8 threads for script verification
2017-06-06 06:48:08 Using wallet wallet.dat
2017-06-06 06:48:08 init message: Verifying wallet...
2017-06-06 06:48:08 CDBEnv::Open : LogDir=C:\Users\Dean\AppData\Roaming\Darkcoin\database ErrorFile=C:\Users\Dean\AppData\Roaming\Darkcoin\db.log
2017-06-06 06:48:08 Failed to rename wallet.dat to wallet.1496731688.bak
2017-06-06 06:48:42 Initialization result: 0
2017-06-06 06:48:42 Requesting shutdown
2017-06-06 06:48:42 Running Shutdown in thread
2017-06-06 06:48:42 Shutdown : In progress...
2017-06-06 06:48:42 StopNode()
2017-06-06 06:48:43 Shutdown : done
2017-06-06 06:48:43 Shutdown finished
2017-06-06 06:48:43 Shutdown result: 1
2017-06-06 06:48:43 Stopping thread
2017-06-06 06:48:43 Stopped thread

Page 0: metadata page corrupted
Page 0: could not check metadata page
wallet.dat: DB_VERIFY_BAD: Database verification failed
__db_meta_setup: C:\Users\Dean\AppData\Roaming\Darkcoin\wallet.dat: unexpected file type or format


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Thanks UdinM6,
I'll check out your GitHub link once at home as the site is blocked at work. Plus I'm "Working from Home" tomorrow so will have plenty of time!
I'll also take a stab at learning a bit of Python.


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I thought I'd update this thread with the result. It's good news! I'm feeling pretty lucky that I managed to recover my long lost Darkcoin/Dash.
After spending countless hours, reading tons of Dash and Bitcoin threads regarding corrupt or lost wallets. I gave pywallet another go and it worked it's magic.
Here's my take on the whole situation and what any noob like me should do. I hope it may help.

1. If you think you wallet or hard drive is corrupt STOP using it right away, take it out if possible and purchase an external drive bay. As I found out that windows had crashed and overwritten the wallet.dat with complete junk. Even booting your PC and letting windows attempt to resolve.

2. If you have a significant amount of coins, as a safety measure purchase a new HDD and perform a forensic clone of your existing, ensuring that it's in readonly mode.

3. Stop Dash Core

4. Backup your existing %appdata%\DashCore wallet.dat and rename the move and rename the recovered wallet from the --recov_output option.

5. Look for the pywallet script so frequently mentioned in posts like these (watch out for the dodgy forked version)
If using windows the pywallet command is slightly different when specifying the --recov_device. You have to use the actual physical attached drive number. Rather than the drive letter or volume name. To find this out, use the follwing powershell command: Get-WmiObject Win32_DiskDrive

Here's my pywallet options
pywallet.py --otherversion 76 --recover --recov_size 107Gio --recov_device "\\.\PHYSICALDRIVE4" --recov_outputdir "d:\recoveredWallets\VHD VM_WIN8_1"

6. Start Dash Core with the -rescan option

For @UdjinM6, @tungfa & @moocowmoo I sent a small reward to your donation addresses, as your posts on here helped a great deal.



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Dash Core Group
Nice job recovering your funds, @deanb ! I wasn't aware of the `--otherversion` option in pywallet, that's good to know too.

PS. thanks for the tip :)