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"120 new Dash Wallets in Maracaibo-Venezuela" its in DashBoost cycle

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We are in DashBoost Cycle.png

Greetings to all, I am Joney Castellanos @bitcoinroute, leader of the Dash Maracaibo community, from where we make strategic projections to develop the adoption plan, that Dash Venezuela leads with great success.
They accompany me in this challenge:
@Madelayne León , @Alvaro De Oro , @Jorge Medina

The use of cryptocurrencies in everyday life

The massive use of Dash also involves people who have not had the opportunity to meet Dash, who have not been motivated to attend meetings on the subject. We will reach them from the places they frequent and we will show you our technological platform in action.

These can represent a large number of people who have not had the pleasure of living, #DashExperience, that it means to pay with a fast, easy and effective system, is our plan to reach 120 new users.

We have a career in daily life with #DashExperience, a massive event aimed at commercial stores with a large audience.

We are in DashBoost Cycle2.png

120 merchant customers and other business owner with a entertainment show , a demonstration of use of the wallet and information about Dash. In the framework of the football world cup, which will be broadcast on the premises with Dash sponsorship.

*T-shirts and advertising material, with the new dash image, there are part of our tools, a brief talk about the advantages of Dash and the demonstration of download and use of the wallet to pay for the snack offered by the store.*.


* Tip 120 Wallet X $2.5=300
* Advertising material=$750
* Multimedia equipment=$630

Therefore, we hope you will support us in our proposal in the second cycle of DashBoost, we have made alliances and great efforts to achieve a budget and the power to show the work we do to the community.

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