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$1,000,000 Bounty & AirDrop COALICHAIN.IO


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Bounty & Airdrop program – Coalichain
MIN $1,000,000 IN TOKENS!

Let the show begin! The Bounty Campaign begins 12th April 2018!!!
Take action and change the world for the better - with Coalichain.
The Bounty Campaign will run to the end of the ICO.
Register NOW!

Welcome to our Bounty Program, it’s your time to start collecting ZUZ by taking as many actions as you can to win our amazing rewards!
Here you will find all the necessary information on our great Bounty & AirDrop Program which has been created to be beneficial for every member who wants to be part of a huge and important project that will change the whole concept of true democracy.

Please visit here to find any type of information related to our Bounty & Airdrop program. - https://coalichain.kinja.com/1-000-000-bounty-airdrop-coalichain-io-1825521927