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Hello Dash Community,

Join our new and fair & fast multicoin Dice website.
Website in online for over one month and we have now over 15.000.000 bets.


You can bet any amount (please check the Max profit amount).
We made a manual betting mode and also an auto betting mode for you.

You also can invest and earn some Paycoin.
We do not take any fees. The only thing we take for hosting and running the website is a small fee of 10% of the earnings the website make. 90% go to you as an investor if you want to invest.

Deposit & Withdraws:
You need only one confirmation to play on our website.
We take no fees for deposits and no fees for withdraws.

We never store a big amount of Bitcoin on our hot wallet. Therefore it takes sometimes a litte bit longer to withdraw big amounts. We care about your coins and store them on a cold wallet. We do also manually payouts.

If you have questions or problems using the site. Please sent me a support ticket.

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01.04.2015 -> We are working on a ref system

24.03.2015 -> Over 10.000.000 bets
20.03.2015 -> new ref system will be deployed in april.
06.03.2015 -> Beta testing some ref functions.
05.03.2015 -> added Monacoin
15.02.2015 -> Webseite is online.
10.02.2015 -> Final BETA test.
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