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• NEW FILM: Australian horseman uses Dash to sell horse products worldwide


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What is this proposal about?

I will showcase how easy it is to use Dash as an online payment, by incorporating a Dash payment in a new documentary feature film, about the legendary Australian horseman Steve Halfpenny.

This film will be shot in January 2018 (pre-production is already underway) and will be released in June 2018.

This film’s core audience are females, aged between 30-60 years of age, who live in the USA, Australia, UK, Germany, and Ireland. The film’s cast members have a combined facebook reach of over 300,000 female fans.

Dash proposal objectives:

This partnership will show a 90% female film audience how simple it is to use DASH in real life. This is to help encourage more mainstream adoption. The movie will show how Dash can be used as payment method for online purchases, from anywhere in the world. You don’t need an engineering degree, or to live in a city to use Dash.

Dash will also be mentioned by name in the movie by Steve, and will be shown in the credits at the start of the movie. Dash will be listed in all press releases and also thanked in all film festival acceptance speeches.

Who am I?

Elaine Heney is an online marketer and film director. She has had over 25 million iOS app downloads, a #1 best-selling equestrian book and over 220,000 ecommerce podcast episode downloads. Her first short film, released in August 2017, was viewed over 50,000 times on facebook, was selected for 11 international film festivals and has won 5 awards including Best Documentary and Best Director. Elaine accepted its most recent award at the EQUUS Film Festival in Manhattan, New York in November 2017. You can watch it here: https://www.greyponyfilms.com/steve-halfpenny/

Elaine is also the executive producer of ‘Out of the Wild’, a movie which won the ‘Festival Director’s Choice’ award at the New York EQUUS Film Festival in 2016. Out of the Wild’, and was released by Sony on Dec 5th 2017 in the USA (with distribution at Walmart, Amazon, iTunes, Verizon, Comcast & more), and has also got international distribution in many other markets in 2018.

About Steve Halfpenny:

Steve Halfpenny is a #1 best-selling author, Equitana Australia presenter (national Australian horse show in Melbourne), founder of Light Hands Equitation and Senior Judge of the Light Hands Dressage World Championships. Steve’s first short film, directed by Elaine Heney, was published in August 2017. Steve has always been very interested in new technology (he has released mobile apps in the past and sells online courses worldwide) and now accepts Dash on his website for various equestrian products. Steve teaches in Australia, New Zealand, UK, Germany and Ireland through a combination of live clinics, online courses and online competitions.

About the film:

This feature film about Steve Halfpenny’s work will be filmed in South Australia during the month of January 2018. Pre-production has already started. Cast members are flying in from Europe and around Australia to be present for filming. The soundtrack will include music by USA Grammy nominated singer/songwriter Mary Ann Kennedy. Editing and final interviews will be done in Feb-April 2018. We aim to release the film by June 2018, in time for the festivals in the second half of the year. The film will be entered into a minimum of 10 international film festivals.

Cost: 8-10 DASH + 5 DASH proposal fee

This funding is to help with production costs including filming in Australia, equipment, travel costs, and pre-release marketing. Post-production costs include film editing, audio mixing, colour correction, licensing additional music and submission to international film festivals. Costs are being kept at a minimum as a lot of the filming and marketing work will be done by Elaine.
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Hi there. Thanks for the proposal.

Can you please verify your identity to confirm you say who you are. Can be done via LinkedIn or twitter etc.
@ElDash Just post on your linkedin about this proposal and that should prove who you are.

Also, I really like the proposal. Little cost for a lot of exposure. Definitely a yes from me.
Great promotion at a great price. What State are you from? (yes votes here)

Update: Above is the trailer we filmed this summer. Filming on the new movie runs from Jan 1 - Jan 31 2018, so I am hoping to get this proposal in by the end of Dec 2017. I also thought it might be cool to have have one of the cast wearing a Dash t-shirt or hat in the movie as well :) Is there official Dash Merchandise I can buy?

On the fees, I am looking for 8-10 Dash for this project. The proposal cost is 5 Dash which is now over $1100 per Dash.

Is there a masternode owner, perhaps with an interest in horses, who would be interested in sponsoring this film proposal? I can offer a photo album of the movie signed by Steve Halfpenny, your name in the end credits with a thank you, and online access to Steve Halfpenny's online masterclass.

Masterclass: https://www.stevehalfpenny.com/store/GsK4F3Bz

My IMDB movie credits:

OUT OF THE WILD: Feature film (executive producer), released in the USA Dec 2017: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5226618/
STEVE HALFPENNY: Trailer (producer and director), released Aug 2017: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt7274584/
Awesome !!! we love Dash , Brazil and Horses , you got my support !
one of the fastest Mares is Brazil is sponsored by Dash !!! StarMagic
we're also introducing Dash to the Horse Market in Brazil
Thanks to everyone who replied :) As 5 Dash is now nearly $8k, I am open to all ideas of how it would be possible to get this proposal into Dash.
I am flying out to Australia to begin shooting this Sunday Dec 31. Would love to put this proposal in also by this date if I can get any ideas for the proposal cost - thanks
UPDATE: We have just launched the film via facebook + email to over 10,000 horse riders in the UK, USA, Ireland, Australia & NZ. We will be sharing many updates in the next 6 months, including sponsors to our fans during the film production process. I would love to figure out how I can work with Dash in this movie. I am open to all proposal fees ideas.
Hi @ElDash ,

See my post in Discord #Pre-Proposals section as "Nate".

I will help with the sponsorship of this proposal.

Just PM me there :)
Just arrived in Oz after a 24 hour plane trip. I can't wait to get started!! :) Aiming to have 99% of filming done in the next 30 days, then post-production will start in early February. Happy new year everyone.