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  1. n00bkid

    Prediction Markets To Help Masternodes Operators Vote Optimally

    Hi! Could I get a TL;DR? Like an elevator pitch? (I'm Netizen_Cookie on Reddit, btw -- you'll see I asked the same question there)
  2. n00bkid

    Synergies: Abra company with Dash. It's possible?

    I have been thinking about integration with Abra for some time now! Please don't let the lack of response from others here dissuade you from this proposal -- I think its potential benefits are beyond obvious. I watched that video pitch of Abra to the Planet of the Apps board, and I was stunned...
  3. n00bkid

    Pre-proposal: DASH PrivateSend De-Anonymization Contest

    I think this is a great idea -- both for the peace of mind it'd give to current/potential users, as well as possible headlines. My only suggestion would be to ask for the 300 Dash reward only in the case that someone actually breaks PrivateSend. If they don't -- and we're obviously betting they...
  4. n00bkid

    Crazy Idea - Coin Merger!

    Very interesting idea. Would certainly get some headlines -- at minimum -- and presents an interesting growth strategy, if it were to work. I'll keep an eye out for potential merge partners. I agree that Bitcoin Cash is likely the closest in terms of mission.
  5. n00bkid

    lets take down bolivar using #Firstdashwallet and facial recognition

    I'd support something like this. #FirstDashWallet was, indeed, a fantastic campaign. Fraud prevention would be key, of course, to launching it again -- even I noticed some repeat faces in my social feeds. I can only imagine how many repeats Amanda or whomever processed them saw. If that problem...
  6. n00bkid

    [pre-proposal] Exchange Listing Incentive Program

    I agree with @IronVape -- provided that escrow/accountability are provided for, this is a fantastic proposal and I'd vote 'yes.' Also, welcome to the community, @DashDude! It's exciting to see you jump right in like this. I'd love to go and check that you've posted something on your LinkedIn...
  7. n00bkid

    DASH Español, spanish information hub

    I recommend that you follow the lead of Rod Ambrissi, the owner of a likely-to-pass proposal in to the treasury right now. He started a YouTube channel, produced many videos, and has thus proven his abilities in the sector. All this before asking for any funds. I'd recommend that you do the...
  8. n00bkid

    Pre-Proposal: The Dash Expansion at Skatopia

    I would vote for this. (I haven't yet put my masternode badge on my profile to prove I'm a voter -- I'll do that soon). My only strong recommendation would be to include the words "Digital Cash" underneath the Dash logo in all printed materials. And if there's room for it and it's aesthetically...
  9. n00bkid

    Proposal: Business Development (January)

    I agree with sentiments expressed here that it would be ideal for the PM of each project to also be the one making the proposal itself. This provides the network with "one throat to choke," so to speak, as so eloquently put by @babygiraffe in his excellent IOHK response writeup.
  10. n00bkid

    TheDashGuy's Decentralized "DigitalCash" Social Media Outreach & Marketing Campaign "DigitalCash" |

    If I recall correctly, @TheDashGuy, weren't you bragging on Slack just last week how you sold all your Dash and good riddance? You project negativity and childishness in nearly every online Dash forum... and this is supposed to be representational of our product?
  11. n00bkid

    Please don't make the mistakes bitcoin is making

    @Darren -- to my understanding, the increase to 2MB vote was done on an "if and when such a thing should become necessary" basis. So I don't believe a blocksize increase is hard-coded into v0.12.1, because we're nowhere near knocking on 1MB's door. If/when we do, however, I am confident that...
  12. n00bkid

    Proposal: Applications (Work Apps & Accounting)

    I appreciate the detail of this proposal, but like @fuzzyduck, I will not be voting for it at this time. This proposal is for transparency in accounting, but transparency of development needs to come first. The announcement that new information would be revealed at d10e -- and the lack thereof...
  13. n00bkid

    Proposal: Infrastructure - Basic Needs

    If a new development team ever gets voted in, what happens with the $3k hardware? I agree with some others that it would be preferable to keep these operations on a host. That way these operations can be kept flexible in terms of who runs them.
  14. n00bkid

    Proposal: Integration With A Flagship Merchant

    Will the code be open-source and usable by other merchants with potentially different setups? If so, I'll vote yes. If not, no way.
  15. n00bkid

    Core Proposal Split Proposal

    This is excellent. I know from personal experience that when I'm being paid for specific deliverables, I do better work and tend to make my employer more money. I then, in turn, make more money myself. You've put a good deal of thought into this. Thank you.
  16. n00bkid

    Proposal: Tao Community Coordinator

    I am voting no on this package as a whole, because I don't believe the network should pay any appointed "liaison" -- I just don't think that's a necessary role in a virtual corporation. However, I WOULD vote yes to pay you to take charge of the Dash Twitter and Facebook accounts. They're not...
  17. n00bkid

    Fiat Gateways Project - status updates

    I wonder if trying to pay fiat-handlers to incorporate Dash isn't the wrong approach? Perhaps if the network were just to release Evolution faster, fiat-handlers would begin coming to us? Case in point -- we paid Deginner to integrate Dash with Lamassu, and nothing has happened. While Ethereum...
  18. n00bkid

    DASH WORLD – 2nd Month Report, Expenses Breakdown & Ongoing Work

    It seems as though some of these plans seem to be more long-term. Pray tell -- since the last superblock payout for this proposal took place a couple days ago -- do you plan on re-submitting your proposal to continue the efforts outlined here? Also, what is "GreyGhost work"? Thank you.
  19. n00bkid

    Dash Nation Consensus Discussion

    In response to Tao & Troy, regarding my sentiment toward 'Dash Nation': The term itself, as a marketing shtick, is not what irks me. Any and all individual marketing efforts -- like those which Tao has admirably undergone from both his own popular Twitter account and his new website -- are...
  20. n00bkid

    Dash Nation Consensus Discussion

    I hate the term 'Dash Nation.'