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    DCG Business Dev Strategy, Presentation and Q&A

    Hi Bradley, you said you wanted to at a minimum work with exchange partners to enable instantsend for deposits. Does Business development actually think it’s a). possible and/or b). responsible to suggest to exchange partners to enable instantsend from withdrawals? Have they thought about the...
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    Dash Marketplace Live Preproposal Video

    Hi TroyDASH. I completely disagree. He has a big vision and if the community he is already in can't support that vision it makes perfect sense to move to another community and develop the idea there. I am a dash masternode owner, like he is. The only reason I hold my masternode is because I have...
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    Dash Marketplace Live Preproposal Video

    Hi Jerry, please make this proposal. I am fully behind you, will vote yes and think the community should realise the potential upside is huge. Your vision goes hand in hand with what evolution is going to be and you have the skillsets to make this happen.
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    Revised New (pre proposal) for masternode voters

    You should start small with this proposal, gain the trust of the community and ask for more in further proposals as positive results are visibly generated. Why do people go all out with their first proposal asking for considerably large sums of money. Why not launch this initiative asking for...
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    Dash Force

    I think the pricing is fine as long as the guys are good and honest. I think convincing the masternode owners that the guys are good and honest is the objective as oppose to lowering the ask price.
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    Pre-proposal: Community Stipends

    I like this idea and eventually we will need to integrate some sort of system like the one you're proposing. it's probably worth testing it out now. I like it mainly because I think smaller scale projects are reluctant to propose because of the anti-spam fee. For example, I think this could be...
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    Pre-proposal: Trezor HW protective case!

    it's pretty cool, but at the same time completely useless. I see you've got a hole for a keyring on the cover. Personally, I would never feel comfortable carrying a trezor around with my car keys and generally I keep my trezor hidden anyway.
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    [prepoposal] Dash Debit Card ready by Mid-April

    Are there any reviews available from customers currently using your debit card?
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    Johnny Apple seeding- Part 1- Venezuela

    Think of metrics you can present to the community when you come back for a second proposal to show that the first one was a success; the most important of which is that you can prove that you distributed the Dash to 1000 out of 1000 different individuals for example. It would also be good if you...
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    Johnny Apple seeding- Part 1- Venezuela

    I really love what this proposal aims to achieve. In Venezuela the merchant is reluctant to take their local currency and will take almost any measure of value above it.
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    PROPOSAL: Dash For Newbies Blog and Video Series

    Voted yes, looking forward to your content. :)