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  1. Starin

    GHash.IO Mining Pool

    So I can send my mined coins directly to my wallet?
  2. Starin

    Monero vs Dash

    Well, I have given some time to investage Monero mining and the fact that CPU hash ratio to GPU hash ratio is 1:1 annoyed me a lot. Don't know if it will change with softwares in the future but it is not profitable for me to mine it at the moment as a small time GPU miner. However running a CPU...
  3. Starin

    Any thoughts on CRAVE?

    This concerns me too. If it feels trustable I might mine it a little.
  4. Starin

    Hashrate Calculation Questions

    Yeah, the watt usage is kinda why I prefered Nvidia cards atm. This would be my first time installing a second gpu to a motherboard. Would you recommend any specific guides or regular ones would be enough? Thank you guys for awesome responses btw.
  5. Starin

    FaucetBase.net - Full catalog and rating faucets! (DRK+)

    The most complete and updated faucet list I could find is located at: http://makingmoneyhoney.com/darkfaucets.php Maybe you could add them manually to your site.
  6. Starin

    DOUBLE your DASH (DarkCoin) with Crypterest. Crypto Investment Platform + 10% Affiliate Commission

    LOL. Simple bootstrap design. Definetly a ponzi. At least they should have given some effort to modify the bootstrap theme comes with the script.
  7. Starin

    Hashrate Calculation Questions

    Hey man, thanks for the answer. 1 more question. Let's stay I installed GTX 750 Ti's to my motherboard. Can I have mine with only them and leave my GTX 660 for normal computer usage like playing games, ofcourse with out any delay or low FPS.
  8. Starin

    Hashrate Calculation Questions

    Hey guys. I am thinking to turn my desktop, ASUS Rog Tytan CG8480 into a rig. I really don't care about the ROI so my questions ar based on the effiency. I currently own a 4gb gtx660 card, which is actually old. Seeing 2k to 2.5k hashrates. I own a laptop with GTX760M and it gives around the...
  9. Starin

    NEW MEMBERS: Welcome to Dash! Introduce yourself...

    Hey guys. I was investing small amount lately. Some to be played on the market and some to cloud mining bussinesses. Disvocered DASH and commnunity. Now I cant just stop thinking about DASH. Even in the mornings. LOL. Bought DASH with all My BTC. Just left some KHs at a may-be ponzi. The best...
  10. Starin

    MPOS DarkcoinTalk's Official Pool Thread!

    Yay! Other blocks were perfectly fine so far. No more oprhened blocks anymore for the whole pool. :P Currently saving for a good rig while getting into world of mining. I really don't mind money. Read a guy's post over here saying the magic of mining is the feelings it create such feeling a...
  11. Starin

    MPOS DarkcoinTalk's Official Pool Thread!

    First 3 blocks I have helped to find turned out to be orphans. Started with bad luck. :P
  12. Starin

    Real basic questions...

    Hey man. Let me me know if it worked for you. I hava tried both sgminer and ccminer PN nvidia cards. Can't give a exact rate but ccminer's hashrate was almost 2x more than sgminer's hash. You try to earn some experience after all. So good luck! You can try xhash pool. Sgminer nvidia binaries...
  13. Starin

    Nvidia Titan X x11 hashrate?

    I don't know the values but don't trust the pdf documents that give hashrates. :P
  14. Starin

    Real basic questions...

    Have you tried sgminer with nVidia 440? The only 2 GPU miner softwares out there for Dash mining are ccminer and sgminer, as far as I know. I know it won't help you but to give you a clue I'll share what I get from my 4 cards. I have 1x 660ti, 1x 760m, 2x 560m. 660ti gives around 2500 to 1500...
  15. Starin

    MPOS DarkcoinTalk's Official Pool Thread!

    Hey guys. Just joined the pool yesterday. Currently mining through 2/3 computers at 2500-3000khs. I wonder how many days would it take me too reach a single dash? I used calculators but I didn't understand the results. By the way thanks for the pool. It feels safe after several pools I have tried.