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  1. J

    Development Updates - July 7th

    Great Job !. Edit: I had several questions about the new Darksend+, but found the answers. Thank you.
  2. J

    Status Update 7/1/2014

    Thanks for the update eltito.
  3. J

    RC3 Relaunch Strategy and Testing

    a basic pseudo code example of the temporal remote switch control: (it can implement many other things or use a similar approach) int flag_EnablePayments=0; int flag_otherDebug1=0; int flag_otherDebug2=0; int flag_parameter1=0; ....... string controlAddress; double trInput; ...
  4. J

    RC3 Relaunch Strategy and Testing

    Great Idea. I really like it. Maybe setting a one-time-use centralized switch could help to reduce the stress related with multiple software updates. The switch will not have a pre defined time to activate it. (Additionally it could work as an emergency shut-off for a revert, just in case it...
  5. J

    v0.10.9.x Help test RC2 forking issues

    +11 Mhs now. Put more in 20-30 minutes (I'm not in the right location now).