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    Online Dash Course & Cryptocurrency Courses

    Thanks strophy! Some great resources there to learn more about Dash
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    Online Dash Course & Cryptocurrency Courses

    I've researched the best way to learn about cryptocurrencies. I particularly like taking online courses so I've curated all the best courses here: Dash Course & Cryptocurrency Courses. I figured this community could find it useful as there is a course about Dash included. The Dash course...
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    Cryptocurrencies by Stanford

    The Coursera course is online but it's scheduled - so you are supposed to do the course within specific dates. A class for their cryptocurrency course has just got underway last Monday!
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    NEW MEMBERS: Welcome to Dash! Introduce yourself...

    Hi DASHers! Thanks for the friendly welcome :) I'm researching blockchain & cryptocurrency at the moment - exciting times!
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    Looks like a great project to raise awareness - good luck!