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    Ledger Nano S and Send Error: 25: bad-txns-inputs-missingorspent

    Hi Also a question If I send my MN payout to the ios app will it handle it okay?
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    Dash wallet on iOS won’t sync

    Hi all, I recently changed my masternode rewards to my dash wallet app on iOS so I can stake them there. Well my wallet won’t sync, I tried to wipe it off and use my seed phrase that didn’t work, I tried to rescan the blockchain the two option that didn’t work either. Any ideas ? Thanks 🙏
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    Question about MN payout address and fees

    Hello, I recently deployed a new Dash MN and have three questions. 1. Is it possible to change my payout address with no penalty because in my setup I made my MN with the collateral also my payout address and would like to have a separate address dedicated for that. I noticed on DMT under MN...
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    Error when trying to send DASH from ledger nano X

    Well I tried a few things and finally found that my USB cable connection was bad so I tried a different port which worked out so thanks everybody for the help. I want to use the DMT but couldn't understand how to download it to my PC just couldn't understand how to find the right file to...
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    Error when trying to send DASH from ledger nano X

    I am also using the latest versions of Ledger Nano X 2.2.3 and ledger live 2.71.1 I also did not mine to my ledger. This is a fresh transfer of dash coins but I cant send more than 1 dash to a different account. Anything higher than 1 DASH I get this error. besides that there is no problem with...
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    Error when trying to send DASH from ledger nano X

    Hi all, I am having problem sending DASH from my ledger nano X. No problem on receiving but when I try to send DASH I get this error "ERROR when executing RPC call". All is up to date and already tried to clear cache several times. any ideas?
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    WTS selling 3 Bitmain antminer's D3 (second batch)

    Hi all, just got a message from DHL and i will get my D3's next week at the 26 of september. i can send it to you same day i have them and i am adding free PSU (apw3++) for every miner. the price is 8,000$ for each. option to pay in btc. contact me if your interested i will provide all the info.