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    Opensource PHP darkcoin faucet

    I developed an open source php script, everybody can run his own own faucet easily. Faucet payments handle through https://www.asmoney.com , so you can create a Bitcoin faucet, darkcoin faucet, dogecoin faucet, peercoin faucet and litecoin faucet by changing currency in website setting...
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    Accept Darkcoin via AsMoney

    AsMoney is an e-wallet and payment processor for darkcoin and other popular coins. by opening an asmoney account you can easy integrate your online shopping to accept DRK. some pre-made module is available : Accept DRK and other coins for _ WHMCS ...
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    A online wallet with API

    AsMoney provide wallet API for Darkcoin and 5 other popular coins, AsMoney services like coinbase but no only for bitcoin.
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    just startting out

    mining of dark coin is profitable or bitcoin in these days? which one was better for you?
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    Merchants... How do you accept DRK currently?

    AsMoney is a payment gateway for cryptocoins that added DRK in the last week, you can accept darkcoin on your website like bitcoin.