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    moocowmoo's MN shares, not returning funds

    I'll be more interested when i see some posts with some proof. Addresses, signed keys etc. Otherwise how do we know you didn't accidentally send funds to someone that wasn't moocowmoo?
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    Dash Core Group Q2 2018 Summary Call - 10 August 2018

    Would DashCore benefit from a board of directors like group for primarily oversight and advisory roles? Explanation: IMHO we have some armchair experts who believe in unrealistic things around business. It may provide a level of comfort to the MNO's to see a report from peers analysing the...
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    51% Attack costs on cryptocurrencies : looking for feedback on article

    @qwizzie I thought somewhere on the roadmap the goal is to have instant send on by default. It would be nice to have extra clarification on the instantsend part. Since instantsend can be disabled, if it is on at all we are protected. It means that not that every transaction needs to be a...
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    Pre-proposal: Dash Core Group fiat guarantee losses reimbursement

    I understand if the value of a fixed price agreement but why would you need to guarantee feedbands? They could just shrink the size of ad budget, although that sounds too late at this point. Sounds like core should ask for reimbursement because of the mistake and learn from it. How can we not...
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    Dash Community Q&A (2-Part Post)

    I originally asked this question "How satisfied is core with the growth rate of the team to date? How much growth do we expect to see in 2018?" The 2nd part to the question was misunderstood on the call and i want to further clarify the question: How much growth (in the core team) do we expect...
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    Feedbands getting 1243 / 6176 Dash this month. This needs to stop ASAP.

    Are you the mod for the dashpay subreddit or are you trying to use someone else's name? Can you provide proof. You should know that google ad ban does not go into effect till June so that reasoning isn't totally valid. You can't just speed up evolution product development with more money...
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    Pre-Proposal - Visual Identity

    I think everyone should give it at least a day to think about it. And the idea that those are "slave" chains or otherwise is a bit much. They are open, and open chains are not effective anyway.
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    Pre-proposal: Video with Danny Trejo to promote Dash on social platforms

    Features don't sell cryptocurrency really.. I'm a fan of the principals of crypto, control of your own money, security, freedom to transfer/never closed 24/7/365. People are tired of old banks. It's hard to sell a money problem to people who have the least friction in the world. examples...
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    Dash core's (and other teams') reporting

    There are details spread around however it takes a bit of digging. I could answer most of your questions but it takes a lot of time to keep up with it, let alone write it all down again. I accept tips! I think asking Dash to produce public company reports like apple is a bit much unless someone...
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    Dash takes out full page newspaper ads in all the largest newspapers

    I think a full page New York Times ad is somewhat a symbol status(sunday?). Especially when done right, to show you can. I think that one is probably the only one really worth it. Maybe financial magazines. We have a limited amount of time before everyone shuts off cryptocurrency ads for now.
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    Final Pre-Proposal: World Crypto Con Sponsorship

    Thanks for taking my points made to the decision makers. I do think if Dash is going to fund this that we need a side vendor event because Vegas is the perfect place, its also not too far to drive from phoenix. While the Aria is fully booked we could do something at the adjoining casino, like...
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    Final Pre-Proposal: World Crypto Con Sponsorship

    As the likely primary sponsor, having the single largest booth space, and paying a additional 100k i feel like some of my comments should be represented to the people who run the conference. It's like being the largest shareholder, or the largest customer. That status gets you the ability to...
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    Pre-Proposal: We Are Change!

    I like to look at these things as a cost per million views. Right now i'm assuming you get somewhere between 1-3 million views between all your sources per month. Generally we could easily pay 10k for a million targeted views. So you have to sell the idea that adding 10 people to your staff is...
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    Final Pre-Proposal: World Crypto Con Sponsorship

    I'll just list a few things here: 1. Yes, 200k is a lot, keep in mind 20/20 had 11k+ attendees and they advertise over 1000 ceos that show up. Your booth prices seem expensive but at 100k for 40x40 the epic package is double that. 2. If you are going to have such a big dash presence you need...
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    Pre-Proposal: Video Development for Commercial Promotion of DASH

    Last year i remember Core talking about having plans for a advertisement/commercial. They suggested that the idea/script was genius level and too good to pass up and that it would be saved till sometime this year. With all the pressure to take advantage sooner than later with marketing budgets...
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    Proposal: Core Team Advertising (March)

    I thought lisk was going to re-brand to a new name lol. So much for everyone comparing it to the neo rebrand. Dash has much more brand identity where Lisk everyone could agree that their logo was terrible. I was in mexico around crypto people for a week and nobody mentioned Lisk once and they...
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    Pre-Proposal: Dash to revolutionise the acupuncture economy.

    I don't see the masternodes getting excited about this. You are in London first of all where there are not money issues (yet) trying to build a dash economy. Accepting only dash may limit you because it requires more time to get setup and buy dash than just using the money in the bank. It would...
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    Proposal: continuing electrum-dash development and support in 2018

    Can't you just count the number of downloads per version to give us a idea how many people are at least downloading the software? Even if it was small i'd still consider it a useful investment to have these tools available. I too would like to see more hardware wallet support as well. And...
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    Taxes for accepted Dash proposals

    I won't pretend to know much about crypto taxes but I think people here are mixing up business income vs personal. If you receive it for business purposes and then have equal business expenses it's a wash. At the end of 2018 you would have spent it all on expenses and have zero business income...
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    Bringing Dash to the Poker World - Updates

    Nice logo placement. Seeing it is better than I imagined.