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  1. muhn1432

    DashMiner.com multipool

    To Admin The dashminer has problems displaying this screen. Can not open mine. How to solve the problem? Thank you.
  2. muhn1432

    DashMiner.com multipool

    To dashminer Now I use 3 RX560 cards to dig up 150%. If I add two RX570s to the mine. Will increase more until I see a profit or not compared to the R9-270 base is likely to be 300%. I plan to get it at 0.015-0.02 dash per day.Can i do it? Should I choose a wallet between dash and btc.to be...
  3. muhn1432

    Future of dash

    To Grow up.
  4. muhn1432

    What is the best pool for Dash mining ?

    I don't understand to how to use Dashminer set config DASH other pool ex.url rca-poolru port 8888 sgminerexe o "url" u mywallet p my email url and port set "in Here??", please help to guide to me.
  5. muhn1432

    GPU vs ASIC

    ASIC D3 I understand to use mining coin DASH only and very Hi power hastrate...but can't to rig other coins...not same GPU to use rig many other coin ..but in my choice If I have money to profit in 1 month . I Choice ASIC .and 8 GPU AMD for 4rig. in small mining fram. to get DASH and XMR, ZEC...