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    Pre-proposal: Marketing - Dash promotion project

    Hello, We are Bostjan and Robert, brothers, best friends, and coworkers from Slovenia. We work as creative designers, and in our free time, we are on a bike as much the time allows us. In 2018, as an aspirant, we wanted to bring cryptocurrencies and their advantages closer to people in a...
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    Ideas for marketing and promotion of the dash and

    I want to start a debate about dash marketing, your ideas, suggestions even if they sound so unrealistic. Also, you can write about ways and ideas of bringing cryptocurrencies in general closer to people. I work as a creative in an advertising agency. I will also post a pre-proposal post about...
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    NEW Forum MEMBERS: Welcome to Dash! Please Read & Reply

    Hello, I'm new here, and I want to discuss the dash budget system proposal project. I have a problem because I got the information that I cannot include links in my first post. But I want to include them because they are essential for a better understanding of the project. :) More info about...
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    Dash announces new update, social payment wallet enters testnet

    Dash Core Group has announced the release of new updates for the Dash platform as well as the DashPay smartphone wallet app. Dash has moved development work on the v0.17 update of its platform to the testnet phase, according to an announcement released on Wednesday. Back in July 2020...