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    Loading old wallets

    Hi, I updated to Dash since Darkcoin, but I have a couple wallet.dat files each with a couple coins in them. Do I simply just put the old wallet.dat file into the Dash folder (Windows) or do I have to do anything else to get the old wallets to work?
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    Rebranding Followup

    At first I had reservations about the name "Darkcoin," for the very reasons Evan outlined. However, shortly thereafter I changed my mind. To me it seems that Darkcoin has staked out a valuable niche already in a crowded field, anonymity. This IS what all the first adopters want. To take...
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    Suggestion: Change the name

    It seemed to me that as Bitcoin price fell the last couple days, Darkcoin and other anonymous altcoin prices went up. I had some reservations about the "dark" name too, but it seems to me that it's important to stress its difference from bitcoin, and frankly anonymity is "dark" so I think DRK's...
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    Losing faith in DRK

    I also don't think a "donation" model works very well in this case. That is why I think setting up paid positions, specifically paid in DRK, is the way to go. Like any other Foundation, certain jobs and positions are set up and paid for. So if there are 4 million darkcoins in peoples wallets...
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    Losing faith in DRK

    How about the numerous people that have darkcoins on this forum? Create positions, and fund them via people on the forum. If people don't believe in the project enough to fund development, then what kind of coin do you really have... a real means of transaction backed with faith and effort, or a...
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    New to DRK. Some thoughts and questions.

    Hi! Questions first: 1. Is it maybe wise to target specific communities as early DRK adopters rather than shoot for instant mainstream appeal? 2. What does the community think of pegging DRK's value to something tangible like manual work-hours that the community might spend? 3. In the short...
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    Losing faith in DRK

    I think the system would be stronger if, instead of volunteers, people were paid in DRK. This to me would strengthen the currency as a viable medium of exchange, rather than a pump and dump investment vehicle.
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    Darkbids.com A Darkcoin Auction and Market

    The BTC cards for .57000.
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    Darkbids.com A Darkcoin Auction and Market

    Ugh. I just spent some DRK with darkbids and saw this last post. How do I get my DRK back or are items still moving?
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    I can't unlock my wallet

    Hi all, thanks for the insight. Here is my best description of the passphrase in case anyone can grok the best approach: I believe my passphrase is 9 words, all lower case, with a space in-between each word. The first 2 words I believe are "world war". I say "I believe" because I remember the...
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    I can't unlock my wallet

    Thanks for the insight but it didn't help. I just get Error: The wallet passphrase entered was incorrect. (code -14)
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    I can't unlock my wallet

    some extra information: I had "space" characters in my passphrase. So the first two words were (without quotes) "world war" followed by another space and word. Could the space character be fouling up the password?
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    I can't unlock my wallet

    I think I shut down the wallet before it finished encrypting my passphrase. Is that possible? Or, despite entering the passphrase twice ( a sentence) and writing it down, when I re-enter said phrase my wallet isn't opening up. I only had 2.5 DRK in there at the time. Should I just delete the...
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    WeSellDark is Live!

    Hi, I can't seem to get verification either. Every email I send to "verify" gets bounced back, though the "support" email seems to go through. Still no verification though.
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    Selling Darkcoin @ WeSellDark - Fully Automated, Instant Payout, PayPal Accepted

    Every time I send a email for verification it gets bounced back. Is the service still live?