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  1. Dr.Crypto

    A service idea - sell premixed Dash

    Hey everyone, I just had an idea for a service that might reach some audience. So, Dash's flagship is the Darksend technology, which allows to mix coins with other users in a trustless fashion while reaching great levels of anonymity. The main difficulty right now is that this process can take...
  2. Dr.Crypto

    v0.11.0 - Darkcoin Core Release

    I also had a similar problem when I updated to the last version. The MN was active and appearing normal on drk.mn, but I didn't receive a payment for five days, so I restarted it and got a payment the next day, then another one three days later... Did you try restarting yours?
  3. Dr.Crypto

    Darkcoin-0.11: Porting the Bitcoin-0.9 tree ...

    If you used autogen, there should be no need for qmake. Did you check the /src/qt folder? This is where it's supposed to build (while daemon and client are in /src)
  4. Dr.Crypto

    Wallet unlock bug

    Stupid question, but did you remove the brackets when entering the command walletpassphrase <passphrase> <timeout> ? Like walletpassphrase thisismypassphrase 120 and not walletpassphrase <thisismypassphrase> <120>
  5. Dr.Crypto

    Started Wallet to find 207 DRK sent to unknown address

    Do like me: start with the intent of just making a Linux partition, fuck up somewhere and end up wiping Windows. This was three years ago and I haven't been anything but happy ever since!
  6. Dr.Crypto

    Feature - 2 Factor Authentication

    Speaking about securing funds, and in line with a recent post by MaxFangX - https://darkcointalk.org/threads/started-wallet-to-find-207-drk-sent-to-unknown-address.3142/ - I think it would be great to have a message pop up each time darkcoin-qt is launched with a non-encrypted wallet. Something...
  7. Dr.Crypto

    Feature - 2 Factor Authentication

    Except you'll most likely not have to use it more than once a year, depending on the frequency with which you change or lose your mobile devices... still more convenient than paper wallets by an order of magnitude.
  8. Dr.Crypto

    Darkcoin-0.11: Porting the Bitcoin-0.9 tree ...

    What do you mean, they cannot connect? I haven't extensively tested them but here is what I get when I CPU-mine for the 101 first blocks in regtest mode: ➜ src git:(tree-0.9.3) ✗ ./bitcoin-cli -datadir=../datadir/darkcoil getinfo { "version" : 90300, "protocolversion" : 71000...
  9. Dr.Crypto

    De-centralised exchange?

    I don't think it is that impossible. Check this out: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=321228.0, especially "CoinSwaps can happen across chains". Maybe there's some way to implement this kind of mutual transaction locking between different chains...
  10. Dr.Crypto

    Coinsource Proof of Honor Award Voting

    Nothing, go go go!
  11. Dr.Crypto

    Community Masternode Fund for Developers

    Yup. What I meant was that, rather than getting a big, single crowdfunding exercise for discrete projects, an alternative would be that this money could be temporarily put towards a community masternode (CM). The coins obtained through masternode payments could be given directly to the Darkcoin...
  12. Dr.Crypto

    Community Masternode Fund for Developers

    Hey everyone, As you know, the Darkcoin community has been looking for different ways to collect funds for the dev team, for instance: - start some tip-based fundraising: https://darkcointalk.org/threads/drk-team-tips-crowd-funding.2929/ - discuss a percentage of MN payments that would go...
  13. Dr.Crypto

    Could stealth addresses reinforce Darksend+ against sybil attacks?

    Yeah, I was actually considering that. Unfortunately the latest Pokémon game came across my path so maybe later... :')
  14. Dr.Crypto

    Could stealth addresses reinforce Darksend+ against sybil attacks?

    OK, so I read more about stealth addresses (SX) after reading from eduffield's post on reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/DRKCoin/comments/2lnauo/can_we_get_stealth_addresses_implemented_in_drk/clyea3j Here is a detailed breakdown on the SX process by one of the vertcoin devs (the full thread is...
  15. Dr.Crypto

    Darksend technical diskussion - anonymity, liquidity, improvements

    How about porting stealth addresses (SX) from vertcoin's recently open-sourced code and combine them with Darksend? Two results: 1/ impossibility to trace back the coins to the source, so no reason to run rogue liquidity providers to gain information by monitoring DS transactions 2/...
  16. Dr.Crypto

    Could stealth addresses reinforce Darksend+ against sybil attacks?

    Looks like the Vertcoin implementation is among the July 1st pushes on https://github.com/vertcoin/vertcoin/compare/litecoin-project:master-0.8...master-0.8, so it should be possible to reproduce their modifications to litecoin core quite easily. Still, the dev team might want to come with an...
  17. Dr.Crypto

    Could stealth addresses reinforce Darksend+ against sybil attacks?

    Hey everyone, As a disclaimer, I'd like to say that I've always been pretty skeptical regarding stealth addresses, especially when some guy started to ask for it to be implemented for Darkcoin a few days ago on Reddit. Now, I still believe in the higher degree of anonymity offered by...
  18. Dr.Crypto


    I'm considering to change the location of my VPS, by staying with Vultr but choosing another city in the world. Is there an easy way to restart the masternode from another server (different IP, etc.)? In particular, can I keep the same wallet.dat? Thanks again for your guide, Tao, and to...
  19. Dr.Crypto

    Darksend Liquidity Provider - v0.10.16.4

    Your point is invalid. We're not talking about greed - if the goal was to get richer, of course they would just buy and hold / or speculate another way. What I wanted to demonstrate was that, granted that a bad player (hello NSA!) is willing to spend some money - and even lose money - with the...
  20. Dr.Crypto

    Darksend Liquidity Provider - v0.10.16.4

    The first point actually implied reducing the "1000 static DRK" limit to 950, but with the addition of a mandatory 50 mixing buffer wallet, as you say :) I just mentioned the first point with 950 because I think that 1000 DRK is a nice number that is easier to visualise as a minimum investment...