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    Dash Core Group Q4 2017 Summary Call

    This reminds me of Nintendo. They are super secret and annoy their fans and and investors. Then after 5 years they release the best game ever. They became even more secretive than usual for their latest console because they didn't want their competitors to steal their ideas. However unlike...
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    Couldn't connect to server when restarting dashman

    Thanks! I forgot to reply but that worked!
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    MasterNode Scaling...

    There could be minimum requirements on MNs that the software can enforce. If MNs dont meet those requirements then no pay. BTW I think Dash should look into sharding too.
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    Couldn't connect to server when restarting dashman

    The problem is that the block count never increases. It's always at 767900. The first time I set up the masternode, I remember the sync being quite quick. But now it has been stuck at that block for weeks.
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    Couldn't connect to server when restarting dashman

    Thanks again for the answer :) I get: hostname : removed host uptime/load average : removed dashd bind ip address : removed dashd version : dashd up-to-date : YES dashd running : YES dashd uptime ...
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    Couldn't connect to server when restarting dashman

    Sorry for the late reply. Work has been taking up too much time. Since I have enough funds for a masternode, maybe I should cut down on work and spend more time helping Dash. I have already tried some of the things you mentioned, but will try again. The result of the commands: ps aux | grep...
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    Couldn't connect to server when restarting dashman

    Hello all, Sorry for this noob mistake. I had a masternode running for a few days and I withdrew the collateral without stopping the masternode. Now I sent the collateral to a different address and changed the conf file to include the new masternode private key. I also changed the rpcuser and...
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    Dash needs to implement Shadowcash technology and truly be anonymous.

    No it isn't. It weakens the anonymity of the darksend transactions.
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    Masternodes with offline (paper) wallets

    What about starting the masternode then removing the private key from QT?
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    Masternode with Trezor?

    Any updates on this?
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    Masternodes with offline (paper) wallets

    Is this now possible?
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    Two questions

    Hello all! 1, How can a person spend master node profits? Is it by using the master node private key in a wallet? 2, Is it possible to make a master node address using a brain wallet? How?