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  1. pbleak

    Good experiment gone wrong

    The bad idea was forming a foundation (i.e. centralisation). As cryptonerds you'd think it would have been avoided. Has nobody looked at what happened to the Bitcoin Foundation...
  2. pbleak

    February 2016 Budget Proposal

    Heh, epic...so I'm running an exclusive meeting in Southern France . 10000 DASH a head :p
  3. pbleak

    February 2016 Budget Proposal

    Just curious, but how does the roundtable work, do they charge a fee? Because if so it's genius. They basically just invite 50 devs to somewhere sunny (that could have been done anywhere) and clothe it in exclusivity.
  4. pbleak

    So, anyway...

    I'm genuinely surprised to see the kind of language used here against one another. Fintech is a complicated, to say the least, and involves a high-degree of professional finesse. The notion that there are childish users who do not understand the realities of the financial world may be true, but...
  5. pbleak

    switching to linux

    Are you looking for a super minimized Linux? The issue is that if you are just making the change you may find it more difficult than you expect. Lubuntu, as mentioned above, is a good lightweight take on Ubuntu (not great for privacy, but that is contingent on your concerns). There are a huge...
  6. pbleak

    Question about storj...

    Storj is great because it keeps quite focused: store things and it's decentralised, help to do that and we'll give you rewards. I think DASH could do VOIP better.
  7. pbleak

    What could Milo possibly mean?

    I would never have expected him to use any crypto!
  8. pbleak

    Private Encrypted Email

    That is true of any provider if you are using PGP. Your keys are stored locally. They don't do anything special. If you want private email use one of the Tor-based providers, write using PGP, and that is it. Keep a generic email for the everyday if you need it Protonmail are just playing up the...
  9. pbleak

    Private Encrypted Email

    Just use PGP over a non-commercial provider. The rest are selling snakeoil.
  10. pbleak

    Dash + Protonmail

    Protonmail is the one that uses some kind of weird java interface, no? All these emails essential do what any hosted (centralised) provider does, but with embedded PGP. If you are serious about privacy use a non-commercial provider such as riseup/autistici combined with PGP. Tuta looks good...
  11. pbleak

    The Daily Decrypt: What is Storj & How Does It Work?

    Storj is pretty interesting. A quiet coin.
  12. pbleak

    Shorting ETH & buing Dash

    Ether is doing well because it has huge traction among devs. It's due a run as well. DASH is solid, long-term strong.
  13. pbleak

    Dash is now more worth in USD then Litecoin!

    Market cap is what counts here. Technically the current challenging altcoin right now is Ether. DASH is doing quite well, though.
  14. pbleak

    Need a new way to buy Dash

    Never quite understood the issue here. Buy Bitcoin from one of the many, many places you can and then trade for DASH at any exchange (i.e. Bittrex). I think Bitfinex even does USD?
  15. pbleak

    Greece to receive 1000 Bitcoin ATMs

    Why not? It's not like the Euro has been working for them.
  16. pbleak

    How to get a bitcoin loan

    Worth checking out: https://www.bitbond.com/resources/bitcoin-loan/
  17. pbleak

    WTS 20,000 Website hits (over 10 days) - with Google Analytics provided.

    Hello all, I offer 20,000 hits over the course of ten days alongside a google analytics counter so you can watch in real time. I do not use bots, results will come from google, facebook, etc. (No noise). The bulk of visitors will come from the US/UK. 0.045 BTC or roughly 20 dollars at the...
  18. pbleak

    Anybody got a TREZOR ?

    I have one yep. What are you looking to do?
  19. pbleak

    WTT Need Help due to CEX recent Changes

    If you can't afford a few dollars get out of crypto.
  20. pbleak

    WTT Need Help due to CEX recent Changes

    Why not just buy 1 Dash. It's a few dollars.